I was a paid hypocrite on `Two And A Half Men`: Angus T Jones

Angus T Jones has slammed `Two And A Half Men` since he feels the show makes light of certain serious situations.

`Two And A Half Men` replacing Angus T Jones

Hit TV sitcom `Two And A Half Men` is adding a new female cast member to the show, replacing child actor Angus T Jones who has been associated with the serial for 10 seasons.

`Two And A Half Men` renewed without Angus T Jones

`Two And A Half Men` has been renewed for an 11th season but Angus T Jones will not be a series regular.

Angus T Jones apologises for slamming `Two and a Half Men`

Angus T Jones has issued a statement on Tuesday, apologizing for the video that was released onMonday of him slamming his hit TV show ‘Two and a Half Men.’