Kakodkar rues low-key celebration of Bhaskaracharya's work

Noted nuclear scientist Anil Kakodkar on Thursday night said the 900th birth anniversary of renowned mathematician and astronomer Bhaskaracharya should have been celebrated on a grand scale at the national level.

Kakodkar stresses on linking tech output with rural domains

Describing technology and innovation as key to country`s empowerment, noted nuclear scientist Anil Kakodkar on Monday stressed on linking technological output with rural domains to meet requirements in areas like power generation, waste management and agriculture.

The Glocal University

Universities in rural settings are increasingly implementing global technologies to solve local problems, says former Atomic Energy Commission chief Dr Anil Kakodkar in a chat with Uma Keni Prabhu.

`Sustainable development only way to India`s future goals`

Solar Energy Commission of India president Anil Kakodkar has cautioned the people against recklessly destroying natural resources without considering future needs and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Nuclear projects needed to tackle energy challenges: Kakodkar

Former Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Dr Anil Kakodkar said though Japan`s March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster has dampened the sentiments for nuclear energy in India.

Only nuclear, solar power can meet India`s needs: Kakodkar

Only the nuclear and the solar power can meet the mammoth energy requirements of India, former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Dr Anil Kakodkar said on Sunday.

IITs should encourage students to do research: Kakodkar

Every student should have a choice of concurrent education in all learning domains, said eminent nuclear scientist Dr Anil Kakodkar.

New N-plants may be located in heart of city

Scientists are busy designing nuclear reactors that can be located in the heart of the city.

First Unit of KNPP to be ready some months from now: Kakodkar

Despite `difficulties` faced at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, the first unit would be commissioned `some months from now` and the second by end of 2013, Atomic Energy Commission member Anil Kakodkar said here on Friday.

Nuclear power as safe as air travel: Kakodkar

Nuclear power is actually as safe as air travel, top nuclear scientist and ex-chairman of the AECI Anil Kakodkar said on Tuesday.

Youths to be destructive force, unless given opportunity: Kakodkar

Noted nuclear scientist on Friday warned that the country`s youth force could well turn into a major destructive force unless they are provided with opportunities to fulfill their aspirations.

Declined RS nomination due to current projects: Kakodkar

Eminent nuclear scientist Anil Kakodkar has declined Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s offer to become a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha.

Goa wants `nuke-guru` Anil Kakodkar as president

Goa`s top industry body, scientists and local intelligentsia are pitching hard to put a `nuke-guru` Anil Kakodkar in the presidential race.

Panel to submit rail safety reports Friday

The high-level rail safety review is
understood to have favoured separate cadres for diesel and
electric locomotive drivers and upgrading tracks.

‘N-liability rules best in current situation’

Former Atomic Energy
Commission Anil Kakodkar on Wednesday said the measures have been
debated enough and it was time the industry moved on with it.

Anil Kakodkar to head railway safety panel

Indian Railways Friday set up a high-level committee, headed by former Atomic Energy Commission chief Anil Kakodkar, to review "long-term safety needs" of the national transporter.

Nuclear energy inevitable option for India: Experts

Nuclear energy will continue to be
an inevitable option for India as other alternative renewable
energy sources, including solar, will take few more years to
establish as a commercially viable technology, according to

Nukes are "weapons of peace": Anil Kakodkar

Nuclear weapons are "weapons of peace" which act as a deterrent, says former Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Anil Kakodkar.

Nuclear liability limit needed to enter global trade: Kakodkar

A law to limit the liability of nuclear equipment makers in case of accident is a basic need to enter global nuclear trade, the ex-head of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) has said.

Kakodkar a liar, says N-scientist Santhanam

Accusing former AEC chief Anil Kakodkar of "ignoring facts" K Santhanam called him "a liar".