Ann Romney ‘happy to blame media’ for husband’s loss

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife Ann has blamed for her husband’s loss in the White House race.

`Mitt Romney`s wife cried after his poll defeat`

Jane, 75, also said that Mitt’s wife, Ann, has not been taking the loss particularly well.

Ann Romney: From homemaker to aspiring First Lady

Theirs was a fairy tale romance. Mitt Romney first met his would be love "in elementary school when he was a Cub Scout.

Mitt unfairly demonised: Ann Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney`s wife Ann on Sunday said that her husband has been unfairly `demonised by opponents and there are so many good things about him that have not been told.

`Obama campaign wants to destroy, kill Romney`

Ann Romney, the wife of US Presidential candidate Mitt Romeny, has claimed that Barack Obama’s campaign wants to destroy her husband.

US: Obama sticks up for Mitt Romney’s wife

Polls show women lean heavily Democratic and favour Barack Obama by a wide margin in battleground states.