Anna Chapman wants to marry Edward Snowden

Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman has reportedly proposed marriage to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on microblogging site Twitter.

‘Former Russian spies wanted kids to become same’

The FBI swooped down on the ring, after investigators became concerned it had infiltrated a well-connected consulting firm operating in New York and Washington.

Russian spy`s belongings on display in US

The FBI has provided items belonging to Russian spy Anna Chapman for a New York exhibition devoted to secret agents.

Sexy Russian spy Anna had affair with US attorney

Russian spy Anna Chapman was living at the time of her arrest in June 2010 with a high powered New York lawyer.

Ex-Russian spy Chapman accused of plagiarism

Anna Chapman, who was deported from the US last year, has been keeping a high profile in Russia.

FBI releases footage of Russian spies

Secret videos of a group of Russian undercover agents have now been released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Former Russian spy Chapman moves court over video

Anna Chapman accused News Media Group of violating the rights restrictions on her audiovisual work.

Anna Chapman becomes editor of Russian paper

Former Russian spy Anna Chapman, who was detained for espionage and deported from the US, has been appointed editor-in-chief of a `small` newspaper in Russia.

Russian spy Anna Chapman pours her heart out

Russia`s Anna Chapman was involved in a high-profile spy swap with the US.

Russian spy Anna Chapman pours her heart out

Former Russian spy Anna Chapman has finally broken her silence over her life as a secret agent.

Anna Chapman to run for Russian Parliament: Report

Russian spy Anna Chapman is to run for her country`s Parl as a member of Putin`s ruling party.

Russian spy Anna Chapman reveals `all the secrets`

A TV show takes Anna`s post-espionage career as media persona to a new level.

Anna Chapman gets own TV show

Anna Chapman is to host her own television show.

Russian spy Anna Chapman gets TV hosting gig

Russian spy Anna Chapman still
shuns questions about her years undercover in US.

Anna Chapman named Russia`s Woman of the Year

The Russian spy said she would secure her own Russian TV show in New Year.

Russian spy Anna Chapman gets lion cub

Russian spy Anna Chapman has revealed her secrets in her first TV interview.

Pro-Kremlin group luring youth with spy lustre

Anna takes on her new role as United Russia gears up for parliamentary polls.

Russia`s sexy spy Anna takes top Kremlin youth role

Seductive Russian spy Anna Chapman on Wednesday won a key role in a pro-Kremlin youth group, telling her fellow young patriots that it was time to transform the future with a smile.

Russian spy to pose nude, join Putin`s party

Anna Chapman is to become a leader of youth wing in Vladimir Putin`s party.

Russian spy Anna nude in January issue of Playboy

She has been exposed yet again, but this time in a way that would appeal to her fans worldwide - Russian spy Anna Chapman will be seen naked in the January issue of Playboy.