Dewani `fit to stand trial` for murder of wife in South Africa

An Indian-origin British businessman accused of murdering his of his Indo-Swedish wife during their honeymoon in South Africa in 2010 is fit to stand trial, a Cape High Court ruled on Friday.

Anni Dewani murder case: Shrien Dewani sent to psychiatric ward

An Indian-origin businessman from Britain has been remanded in a psychiatric hospital in South Africa after appearing in court on charges of murdering his wife on their honeymoon trip to Cape Town in 2010.

Honeymoon murder: Shrien Dewani loses extradition appeal

An Indian-origin British businessman, accused of organising the murder of his Indo-Swedish wife on their honeymoon in South Africa, has lost his latest appeal to block his extradition.

Anni Dewani murder: UK court reopens honeymoon killing suspect case

The trial of a British man suspected of plotting the slaying of his wife on their honeymoon in South Africa faced another delay on Tuesday after a court granted the suspect the right to a new challenge against his extradition.

Honeymoon murder-suspect Shrien Dewani innocent?

A documentary is set to be aired suggesting Brit-Indian businessman Shrien Dewani could be innocent.

More doubts in Anni Dewani murder case: BBC programme

A BBC programme to be telecast on Thursday casts further doubts over the prosecution`s case against British Indian businessman Shrien Dewani, accused of murdering his wife Anni in 2010 while on honeymoon in South Africa.

Anni Dewani sent `unhappy marriage` texts to cousin before death’

The BBC documentary about the Shrien Dewani honeymoon murder case, has reportedly revealed that murdered wife Anni sent texts to her cousin expressing her disappointment with the marriage.

Anni Dewani murder: Husband`s health `deteriorates`

An Indian-origin British businessman, accused of ordering the murder of his bride during their honeymoon in South Africa, has been admitted to hospital after his health "seriously deteriorated".

Anni Dewani murder: Convict sentenced for life

A "merciless and evil" South African man who murdered Anni Dewani allegedly at the behest of her UK-based NRI husband, was sentenced for life.

Gunman found guilty in Anni Dewani honeymoon murder case

A South African court Monday found a third man guilty of the 2010 killing of 28-year-old Indian-origin Swedish honeymooner Anni Dewani.

Anni Dewani murder: ‘Mystery man’ identified

The identity of a mystery man, ‘Mawewe’, linked to the murder of Indian-origin bride Anni Dewani, has been revealed.

Dewani couple ‘begged for their lives’: Suspected killer

Shrien and Anni Dewani begged for their lives after their vehicle was hijacked in South Africa, it has emerged.

Father of Anni Dewani ‘looking for justice’

Battling to hold back tears, the father of murdered Indian-origin bride Anni Dewani, poured his heart out.

Anni Dewani case: Lawyer laughs off ‘Shrien funding` claims

Shrien Dewani has been accused of masterminding his wife’s murder and of making it look like a hijacking.

Anni Dewani’s murder ‘involved middleman’

A witness on the stand confessed that he had been the middleman, by putting shuttle driver Zola Tongo in contact with a man who knew more about the underworld.

Anni Dewani murder accused pleads not guilty

Dewani, 28, was shot when a taxi she was in was hijacked in the Gugulethu township in November 2010.

Anni Dewani murder: Family begs Shrien to face trial

The family of murdered Brit-Indian bride Anni Dewani has begged her husband to end their ‘legal torture’.

Anni Dewani murder: S African pleads guilty, gets 25-yr jail

A South African has pleaded guilty to murdering newly-married Anni Dewani during her honeymoon trip in Cape Town in 2010.

S Africa: T-shirt on Dewani murder sparks outrage

The apparel with the message "Dewani Tours - treat your wife to a killer holiday" has sparked a fresh controversy in Johannesburg.

Anni Dewani murder accused to plead not guilty

Two men accused of killing Brit-Indian bride Anni Dewani intend to plead not guilty when their trial starts in July in South Africa, according to a report.