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US court orders Google to pull YouTube anti-Islam film

A US appeals court on Wednesday ordered YouTube to take down an anti-Islamic movie that triggered protests in the Muslim world, after an actress alleged she had been duped into appearing in it.

California man behind anti-Islam film released to halfway house

The man behind a film that stoked anti-US protests across the Muslim world has been moved from prison to a halfway house to serve the remaining weeks of his sentence, federal officials said on Tuesday.

Pakistan considering to unblock YouTube

The Pakistan government will decide in a couple of days whether to lift a ban imposed on YouTube last year for hosting clips from a controversial anti-Islam film, a federal minister said on Wednesday.

YouTube blocked in Egypt over anti-Islam film

The protests over the anti-Islam film erupted in Cairo last September and spread to more than 20 countries causing violent riots.

YouTube banned in Egypt over anti-Islam film

An Egyptian court on Saturday ordered blocking of video-sharing website YouTube for a month for hosting an anti-Islam film that triggered deadly outrage across the Muslim world last year.

7 Egyptian Christians sentenced to death over anti-Islam film

The Cairo Criminal Court handed down the death penalty to the seven Egyptian Christians, including the film`s maker.

Anti-Muslim filmmaker Nakoula ‘has no regrets’

The maker of the anti-Islam movie, ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ which outraged the Muslim world, has said that he ‘has no regrets.’

Al Qaeda urges `holy` war over anti-Islam film

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has now planned to wage a ‘holy’ war over the insult of Prophet Mohhamad.

Anti-Islam film: Saudi Arabia demands new net censorship

The Saudi government called for greater international cooperation to censor such material at the source, comparing it to outlawed content such as images of child abuse and malicious software.

20,000 objectionable websites blocked in Pakistan

"We have blocked 20,000 objectionable websites and blogs since the blasphemous film surfaced on the Internet," an official of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said.

Rehman Malik claims credit for anti-Islam filmmaker`s arrest

Malik said, "I pointed out that he is a fugitive of law, I did have information.

Kazakhstan bans anti-Islam film

A Kazakh court Thursday ruled that the anti-Islam US film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ was extremist and issued a nationwide ban on its distribution, Judge Kuanysh Zhaksybergenov said.

Tunisia extends emergency by another month

Tunisia on Thursday extended the state of emergency by another month, Xinhua reported.

Kazakhstan bans anti-Islam film

A Kazakh court on Thursday ruled that the anti-Islam US film "Innocence of Muslims" was extremist.

Protests force American Center to close for 2 days

The US consulate has announced closure of the American Center in Kolkata, including the library, on Thursday and Friday .

Ten vehicles torched in US anti-Islam film protest

A huge mob of more than 2000 people torched ten vehicles, including two police vehicles after a protest against an anti-Islam film.

Anti-Islam film: Ex-Pak lawmaker offers bounty of $ 200,000

A former Pakistani lawmaker on Monday offered a USD 200,000 bounty for anyone who kills the maker of an anti-Islam film.

Fresh rally in Karachi against anti-Islam film

The rally was taken out by the Sunni extremist group Ahle Sunnat wa Al-Jamaat.

Blasphemy case against Muslims for ransacking temp

The case is said to be ``fairly unusual``, as Pakistan`s harsh blasphemy laws are more often invoked against alleged insults to Islam, not minority faiths.

Thousands rally against anti-Islam film in Pak

Thousands of people marched through streets of Pakistan`s biggest city Karachi to protest against an anti-Islam film that angered Muslims across the globe.