Egypt arrests dozens under anti-terror law, bomb hits Cairo

Egypt increased pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday, detaining dozens of its supporters on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization the day after it was declared one by the government, security officials said.

Pakistan will improve anti-terror laws, says Sharif

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said anti-terrorism laws will be amended to effectively deal with the scourge of terrorism.

Israeli diplomat attack: cops contest Kazmi`s discharge plea

The Delhi Police opposed before a court here the plea of Israeli diplomat attack case accused, journalist Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi, that he should be discharged.

Australia passed 54 anti-terror laws post 9/11

Australia passed 54 new anti-terror laws in the decade after the 9/11 terror attack, according to a study.

After 9/11, African anti-terror laws grew, abused

After a Nigerian attempted to
blow up a US jetliner and a homegrown terror group bombed and
killed at will, Nigeria has passed a sweeping anti-terrorism

Gilani calls for revisiting Pakistan’s ‘ineffective’ anti-terror laws

Pak PM notes ineffective laws were making it easy for suspects to get bail.