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Apple CEO Tim Cook says everyone entitled to privacy, security

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that every person has a right to privacy and security.

Google Glass `difficult`, says Apple CEO

Google`s wearable technology Google Glass, which has been gaining a lot of uncertainty about its usage and subsequent abuse related to privacy concerns, did not find a clear admirer in Apple`s CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook emerges from Steve Jobs` shadow

Apple CEO Tim Cook has long seen as the humorless and unemotional guy running the show from behind the scenes.

World has lost a visionary: Obama on Steve Jobs

US President said the world has lost a visionary, who was among the greatest American innovators.

Steve Jobs: An Apple era comes to an end

The beauty of Steve Jobs lies in being a true visionary and his creative urge to push the boundaries of technology.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Apple`s chief operating officer, Tim Cook, has been named CEO of the company Jobs co-founded 35 years ago.