Steve Jobs: An Apple era comes to an end

The beauty of Steve Jobs lies in being a true visionary and his creative urge to push the boundaries of technology.

A chronology of Steve Jobs at Apple

Apple Computer is formed on April Fools` Day, 1976, shortly after Wozniak and Jobs create a new computer circuit board in a Silicon Valley garage.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Apple`s chief operating officer, Tim Cook, has been named CEO of the company Jobs co-founded 35 years ago.

ITC to review Apple complaint against HTC

In June, a trade judge said HTC infringed two other Apple patents.

Now, hackers target Apple Inc server

A group of hackers has posted a document online that contains usernames & passwords for an Apple Inc server.

Microsoft pulls plug on Kin phones

Microsoft Corp has pulled the plug on a new generation of smartphones less than three months after unveiling the devices that were part of its efforts to catch-up with Apple Inc and Google Inc in the fast-growing mobile market.

HTC sues to block iPhone, iPad, iPod sales

HTC Corp fired back on Wednesday in its legal battle with Apple Inc.

Apple`s Jobs says cash hoard allows for bold moves

Steve Jobs defended Apple Inc`s decision to maintain a USD 40 billion cash pile and said it was better to save the money for bold risks, like acquisitions, than to spend it on stock buybacks or cash dividends.

Tablet? Slate? New devices emerge as Apple looms

Call it a "slate" or call it a "tablet," the technology world is suddenly awash with a novel category of mobile devices seeking to grab the spotlight from a hugely anticipated product launch by Apple Inc later this month.

Google, Apple fight to conquer mobile market

The once-cuddly relationship between Google Inc. and Apple Inc. is morphing into a prickly power struggle as the ambitions and ideas of the technology trendsetters increasingly collide.

Apple smashes forecasts, stock hits record

Apple Inc`s profits and sales streaked past Wall Street forecasts as iPhone and Mac sales hit quarterly records, sending its shares rocketing to all-time highs on Monday.

Google says Apple rejected its voice app for iPhone

Google Inc said Apple Inc rejected its Google Voice application for the popular iPhone, contradicting Apple`s statement to regulators last month.

Google CEO Schmidt to quit Apple board

Google Inc Chief Executive Eric Schmidt is resigning from Apple Inc`s board of directors, the companies said, citing increased competition between the two leading technology companies.