What happens to diseased Apple iPads once resold?

Once damaged, the Apple iPads still contain some value that allow them to be revived and resold to wholesalers overseas.

Syrian rebels using Apple iPads to guide mortar fire

It has been revealed that the Syrian rebels use Apple`s iPad to guide mortar fire in the country`s brutal civil war.

`Tablet boom makes Apple No 1 PC maker`

Apple Inc overtook Hewlett-Packard Co as the world`s largest vendor of personal computers in the fourth quarter, helped by booming demand for its iPads, research firm Canalys said on Monday.

Lok Sabha MPs to get Apple iPads

Aiming to make its office paperless and the members tech-savvy, the Lok Sabha secretariat has sanctioned Rs 50,000 for each member to buy an iPad.

Apple fans eagerly touch and swipe first iPads

Now that the iPad is in the hands of early adopters, the hard work for Apple Inc. begins.