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Ireland to join Apple in fight against EU tax ruling

Ireland`s cabinet agreed on Friday to join Apple in appealing against a multi-billion-euro back tax demand that the European Commission has slapped on the iPhone maker, despite misgivings among independents who back the fragile coalition.

EU hits Apple with record 13 billion euro Irish tax bill

EU hits Apple with record 13 billion euro Irish tax bill

EU said Apple must repay a record 13 billion euros in back taxes after ruling that a series of Irish sweetheart tax deals were illegal.

Italy prosecutors wrap up tax probe into Apple: Sources

Italian prosecutors have wrapped up an investigation into allegations U.S. tech giant Apple failed to pay corporate taxes to the tune of 879 million euros ($964 million), two sources said on Monday.

EU to launch formal investigation into Apple's Irish tax deal: Report

Apple`s Irish arrangement helped it achieve an effective tax rate of just 3.7 percent on its non-US income last year.

US raises concern over American firms evading taxes

Earlier in the day, the Apple CEO Tim Cook denied allegations of tax evasion.

Apple tax evasion: CEO Cook remains unapologetic

The report found Apple's three subsidiaries had no official tax residence, which made them pay little or no taxes.

Apple used subsidiaries to dodge billions in taxes: US panel

One of Apple's Irish affiliates reported profits of $30 billion between 2009 and 2012, but since it did not technically belong to any country, it paid no taxes to any govt.