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From June, a mega app to answer all your rail-related queries

Come June, when all your train travel-related queries will be answered through one mega application, likely to be named HindRail, which incorporates in it most of the existing railways' apps.

New smartphone app can manage your privacy preferences

New smartphone app can manage your privacy preferences

Researchers are developing a personalised privacy assistant app that can simplify the task of setting permissions for your smartphone applications.

India's digital shake-up an exciting application: InfoComm

The digital transformation in India is one of the most exciting applications of audio-visual and information and communication technology (AV and ICT) in the world, InfoComm International Executive Director and CEO David Labuskes has said

New web app to determine value of Gmail accounts for hackers

Gmail users will now be able to get a fair idea of how precious their accounts might be to malicious hackers and law enforcement agencies based on new apps released by researchers from two universities.

IPhone app that alerts how to manage power usage

An iPhone application warns homeowners of critical battery situations, suggests appliances to turn on or off, recommends ideal times to execute tasks that require greater power.

iPhone app checks number of men and women

The SceneTap application allows the users to click the right balance between the two genders, enabling them to choose the destination which best suits them.

Now, iPhone application that translates words

It could be the perfect tool for bewildered tourists lost in a foreign city.

A smartphone app that acts like a girlfriend!

Feeling lonely, but dating sites sound like too much work?

Now, iPhone application that can cure acne!

A new iPhone application has been developed which its creator says can cure acne.