Thousands sign up for 2015 Dubai Marathon
Thousands sign up for 2015 Dubai Marathon

Regarded as one of the world’s leading marathons, the Dubai Marathon looks set to underline its position as the Arab world’s biggest mass participation event following the launch of online runner registration for the 2015 race.

India committed to boosting ties with Arab world: Sushma

Emphasizing the government`s "unflinching commitment" to expand ties with the Arab world, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Thursday said there was no change in India`s policy of "extending strong support to the Palestinian cause, while maintaining good relations with Israel".

Arab world set to have over 197 million Internet users by 2017

The number of Internet users in the Arab world is expected to reach 197 million by 2017 with the web users increasing by 20 per cent a year and patent grants rocketing by almost 50 per cent, according to a report.

Once an Arab model, Baghdad now world`s worst city

As recently as the 1970s, Baghdad was lauded as a model city in the Arab world. But now, after decades of seemingly endless conflict, it is the world`s worst city.

Israel, West hail Sharon, Arab world slams him

As Israelis and the West paid glowing tributes to late Israeli leader Ariel Sharon, the Arab world was less laudatory, slamming him as a "tyrant" and "criminal".

Lifestyle disorders top health issues in Arab world

Heart disease and stroke have replaced infectious disease as the top causes of early death in the Arab world, tracking the West in a trend towards lifestyle disorders, The Lancet reported today.

`Russia not losing influence in Mideast`

"The idea that Russia is losing influence in the Arab world as a result of the Arab Spring is "wishful thinking," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said.

US will not retreat from the Arab: Hillary Clinton

Undeterred by the recent anti-US protests in the Arab world, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ruled out its retreat from the Arab World.

New turmoil in Arab world: French PM`s name

French Prime Minister Jean Marc Ayrault`s surname, when pronounced, sounds like the word "penis" in Arabic.

Russia backs Assad, last friend in Arab world

The Kremlin has put itself in conflict with the West as it shields Assad`s regime from United Nations sanctions.

Syria: Assad urged to take asylum in Arab world

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has reportedly been urged to avoid meeting a similar fate like Muammar Gaddafi by taking asylum elsewhere in the Arab world.

Eid on August 31 across Arab world

Eid ul-Fitr, the day of festivities marking the end of the fasting month of Ramzan, will be celebrated on August 31.

Arab world`s ratings of Obama, US plummet: Poll

The killing by US Navy SEALs of Osama bin Laden did little to improve Arabs` views of the US.

Arab world`s drive for freedom in the balance: Amnesty

Amnesty notes repressive governments are fighting to regain control.

India to share expertise in holding elections with Arab world

With Egypt gearing up for
transition to democracy, the United Nation has invited India
and a few other countries to Cairo to extend help and
expertise in holding elections.

UAE tops Arab World `satisfaction`: poll

Residents in UAE are the most satisfied with their lives in the Arab world, a global survey has revealed.

UAE tops Arab World `satisfaction`: Poll

Residents in the UAE are the most satisfied with their lives in Arab world.

North Korea orders nationals in Libya `not to return`

It is an apparent bid to block news of civil uprisings in the Arab World.

Azerbaijan detains 50 opposition protesters

Police in ex-Soviet Azerbaijan detained dozens of opposition activists who sought for a second day to stage an anti-govt protest.

Record 241 candidates for Nobel Peace Prize

Those nominated also include people linked to WikiLeaks and Arab revolutions.