Policemen arrested in Argentina for alleged role in looting

Nine law-enforcement officers were arrested Saturday in the northern Argentine province of Tucuman for their alleged role in looting that occurred amid a police strike, judicial officials said.

13 inmates escape Argentine maximum security prison

Thirteen inmates escaped through a tunnel they dug in a maximum security prison in Argentina, officials have said.

26 injured in Argentine prison riot

At least 26 people were injured and an undetermined number of inmates managed to escape during a riot that erupted in a prison in Chaco province.

Argentine province to produce Viagra for free distribution

The government of the central Argentine province of Santa Fe will manufacture the drug sildenafil, better known under the brandname Viagra, and will distribute it free to males with erectile dysfunction.

Britain to send N-sub on Falklands patrol

Britain will send a nuclear submarine to the South Atlantic to protect the Falkland Islands from the threat of Argentine military action.

Argentine Governor dies of shots to head

The .38-caliber revolver was fired as Rio Negro Gov Carlos
Soria and his wife Susana were in their bedroom after spending
New Year`s Eve.

Argentine leader`s cancer forces her to delegate

Fernandez spoke of her cancer diagnosis as she announced new revenue transfers to provincial governments, seeking to project an image of normalcy.

Argentine President diagnosed with thyroid cancer

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has thyroid cancer and will undergo surgery next month, her government said on Tuesday.

Argentine gets life for torture, deaths of 11,000

Alfredo Astiz was responsible for the torture and murder of at least 11,000 people during the country`s so-called "Dirty War".

Argentine blast kills woman, hurts 9; gas blamed

An explosion wrecked
two homes, a business and several cars, killing a woman and injuring nine people on the outskirts of Argentina`s capital.

Cloned cow to produce human like milk

An Argentine laboratory has created the world`s first transgenic cow that will allow the animal to produce the equivalent of mothers` milk.

Argentina enters new political era as Kirchner dies

Tens of thousands of Argentines paid tribute to Nestor Kirchner, the powerful former leader whose death robbed President Cristina Fernandez of her husband and most trusted ally.

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner dies

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner died suddenly after suffering from severe heart trouble.

US, Argentine sign agreement to prevent nuclear smuggling

The United States and
Argentine Wednesday agreed to begin a cooperative effort to
detect, deter and interdict illicit smuggling of nuclear and
other radioactive material.

Argentine leaders throw chairs, punches in public

Argentine lawmakers pushed, punched and threw chairs at each other during a raucous session to choose the president of a northern province`s lower house.

Argentine President on a three-day visit to India

The President of Argentina, Dr. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, will arrive here on a three-day state visit Tuesday.