China's arms sales pose no threat to global stability: Beijing

Emerging as one of the major arms exporters in the world, China has said its sale of artillery will continue to rise but it would not pose any threat to global stability.

US lifts 40-year arms ban to boost Vietnam sea defence

In a decision likely to anger China, the US is partly lifting a 40-year ban on arms sales to former foe Vietnam to help boost defences in the tense South China Sea.

Britain reviews 8 bn-pound arms sales to Israel

In the wake of the conflict in Gaza, the British government is reviewing the 8 billion pounds-worth sale of arms and military goods to Israel to see if each licence is appropriate, the prime minister office said here Monday.

‘US-Indo defence ties not based on arms sales’

America`s strong and deepening
defence ties with India are not dependent on any arms sales, a top Pentagon official said on Saturday.

Russia will continue arms sales to ally Syria

Global pressure is mounting on Syria President to end the violent repression of dissent in which at least 3,500 people have died.

US not to consider arms sales decision on Taiwan

China has urged US to reconsider
its decision of recent arms sales to Taiwan, a request which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton politely declined, a senior US official said.

US approved $40 bn private arms sales in 2009

The figures do not include direct US military aid to other nations.

Russia announces ban on arms sales to Libya

Russia, which holds UNSC veto power, opposes military intervention in Libya.

US must stop Taiwan arms sales: China

US is obliged under 1979 Taiwan Relations Act to help island defend itself.

Arms sales can boost India-US ties: US experts

With India planning to buy $100 billion worth of new weapons over the next 10 years, arms sales may be the best way for the US to revive stagnating US-India relations, according to two US experts.

Global arms sales passed $400 bn in 2009: Report

The world`s 100 largest arms dealers sold weapons for $401 billion in 2009.

France suspends arms sales to Egypt

Egypt has been rocked by an uprising since Jan 25 seeking to topple Mubarak.

US, Russia account for half of world arms sales: Report

The US and Russia jointly accounted for more than half of global arms sales between 2005 and 2009, according to a report Monday by a Sweden-based research institute.

US says arms sales to Taiwan will continue

US military officials on Wednesday vowed
to provide Taiwan with weapons to protect itself from a
possible Chinese attack, despite Beijing`s warning that such
sales are meddling and could lead to conflict.