Syrian rebels backed by extremists seize Army base

Syrian rebels backed by Islamic extremist fighters took full control of a sprawling military base today after a two-day battle that killed at least 35 government troops, an activist group said.

Yemeni tribesmen overrun loyalist Army base

Yemen has been wracked by violence since February when an uprising broke out to demand the ouster of President Saleh.

Blast at Georgian Army base kills 3, injures 13

The ministry blamed technical error during exercises on outskirts of Tbilisi.

Three convicted in terror plot on Australian Army base

The three men believed Islam was under threat from Western nations.

Airbase attacked, 8 killed in Afghan market bombing

Taliban spokesman said 14 suicide bombers were involved in the assault.

Jihadists `planned maximum casualties` at Oz Army base

The five men have been linked with Islamic extremists in Somalia.

Blast at Afghan Army base in Kabul, 1 dead

Afghanistan`s Defence Ministry says an explosion has killed one Afghan Army soldier and wounded three during a military training exercise in Kabul.

More terror suspects charged in Australia

Australia on Wednesday charged 3 more men with planning a suicide attack on a Sydney Army base.

Terror plot foiled in Australia, 4 held

The Australian cops have foiled a plot to storm a military base and arrested four people.