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Arsenic affected drinking water in 66,663 habitations: Govt

Arsenic affected drinking water in 66,663 habitations: Govt

There are 66,663 areas where drinking water is affected due to the presence of arsenic and fluorides," Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation Narendra Singh Tomar said in Rajya Sabha.

Ground-water arsenic spreading cancer in several Bihar districts

The most affected are the poorest of the poor.

Mystery of arsenic release into groundwater solved

Stanford scientists have solved an important mystery about where the microbes responsible for releasing dangerous arsenic into groundwater in Southeast Asia get their food.

Burgers, sausages as big a cancer threat as cigarettes!

The World Health Organisation is to list processed meat as among the most cancer-causing substances, putting it on a par with asbestos and arsenic, according to reports.

High level of arsenic found in US red wines

If you love to drink red wine, take that sip with a little caution as researchers have found that many red wines in the US contain arsenic levels that exceed what is allowed in drinking water.

Green LED products contain lead, arsenic

LeDs marketed as environment-friendly and safe actually contain lead, arsenic and a dozen other hazardous substances.