South Asia to be open defecation free region by 2023

South Asia, where 65 per cent of the world`s population still defecate openly, will be declared open defecation free region by 2023, a regional conference on sanitation announced here on Thursday.

‘India, Hungary can be each other`s bridge to Asia, Europe’

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday said relations between the two countries have remained on a "steady course" over the years and both the countries would be each other`s bridge to Europe and Asia.

Australian PM Abbott urged to focus on rights in Asia

Human Rights Watch on Tuesday said it was concerned Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott failed to discuss rights with Asian leaders, saying he shouldn`t give them a "free pass" on the issue.

Cave art suggests people inhabited Americas 30,000 years back

A new exhibit has suggested that Americas may have been inhabited as far back as 30,000 years ago, 18,000 years earlier than believed.

US government shutdown a moment of politics: John Kerry

The shutdown of the US government is a "momentary episode" and does not change the US commitment to Asia or elsewhere, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.

Nadal almost missed flight to Asia!

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal almost missed a flight he was boarding for his Asia tour, according to reports.

ICRISAT launches website for sharing information

The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid-Tropics (ICRISAT), which conducts agricultural research for development in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, Thursday launched a website to make large volumes of scientific knowledge and information easily accessible by the public.

Be `Asia literate`, says Australian Foreign Minister

Julie Bishop took oath Wednesday as Australia`s first woman foreign minister and urged young Australians to become "Asia literate".

`Agni-V missile test won`t change Asian security dynamics`

The successful Agni-V missile launch, that can reach as far as Beijing, is unlikely to change the security dynamics in Asia, some American experts feel.

Obama to visit Asia

President Barack Obama will travel to four Asian countries in October, the White House said.

232 mn global migrants living abroad worldwide: UN report

With more people than ever living abroad, Asia sees the largest increase of international migrants in the past decade, and the US remains the most popular destination, a UN report has revealed.

Education @ Asia

Contemplating enrolling for a course in an Asian university? There are several reasons that will make the time you spend away from home much more fruitful, says Nipa Vaidya.

Delhi Metro second largest in southeast Asia in ridership

Delhi Metro is now the second largest metro service in southeast Asia in terms of the passenger load it carries, next only to Hong Kong, its chief said Monday.

Unchecked global warming could increase flood risk in Asia, Africa

A study has warned that the unchecked progress of global warming would increase the risk of flooding at the end of this century in 42% of the Earth`s land surface.

US admiral urges compromise in Asian sea dispute

The top American military commander in the Pacific says the US will oppose moves by any country to seize control of disputed areas in the South China Sea.

Indian warships make port calls in SE Asian nations

Four Indian front line warships on an operational deployment to the South China Sea and the Western Pacific have made a port call at Malaysia`s Port Klang, seeking to strengthen bilateral maritime ties.

Indians sceptical of China`s policy towards Asia, India: Poll

As Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived to a red carpet welcome in New Delhi, a new poll released here on Monday found Indians were "deeply apprehensive" of China`s ambitions in Asia.

No more important partner in Asia than India: US

The US says the growing convergence in interests and outlook has brought about unprecedented cooperation on various issues.

Asia on guard as Taiwan reports first bird flu case

Asian countries on Thursday urged renewed vigilance against a spread of H7N9 bird flu after Taiwan reported a case of the deadly strain, the world`s first outside mainland China.

Global warming to cause starvation of millions in Asia, Africa

Millions of people might face starvation by 2050 as a result of extreme temperature globally.