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US urges Asian nations not 'to push back' migrant boats

The United States on Friday upped the pressure on Southeast Asian nations, urging them not to float boatloads of desperate migrants back out to sea.

Asian nations address sea disputes, but unlikely to blame China

Asian nations must ensure that territorial disputes do not erupt into conflict, leaders said on Friday, with Japan and the Philippines reaffirming their commitment to freedom of flight as concerns grow over China`s new air defence zone.

Asian countries decide to create trade pact for Asia-Pacific

Business leaders of Asian nations on Wednesday decided to promote new free trade agreements and strengthen the existing pacts to use them as building blocks for creating a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP).

China to boost maritime co-op with ASEAN

China will actively push forward maritime cooperation with the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Asian nations realizing Internet cannot be tamed

It`s not just dictators. Governments around the world, many of them popularly elected, have tried for years to control the Internet and social media.

Chinese Prez urges Asian nations to cooperate in security matters

Chinese President offered only vague ideas about a “new security concept”.

Aware of Asian nations` apprehensions on China: US

US acknowledges its ties with China are central to policies in Asia Pacific.

Dipping tiger tally cause for concern in several Asian nations

Even as India hopes to improve its big cat tally from 1,411, their number has now declined.

Asian nations bear brunt of dollar slump

Asia`s small, open economies are caught in the crossfire of a tussle between the United States and China over whether the yuan should strengthen against the dollar to fix the lopsided global economy.

UN urges Asian nations to get tougher on Myanmar

UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged a ministerial meeting of southeast Asian nations late Saturday to take a tougher line with fellow member Myanmar in hopes its military junta will free political prisoners and hold fair elections.