Katy Perry admits she believes in aliens

Katy Perry has confessed that she believes a lot in astrology and aliens .

Horoscope 2014

Have a look at what stars have in store for you in 2014.

What does horoscope of Britain`s royal baby predict?

The full horoscope of the royal baby has predicted that he is going to grow up in challenging times but will eventually preside over an era of marvels.

Karnataka politicians turn to astrology to ward off ill omen

With only few weeks left for the assembly elections in Karnataka, politicians cutting across party lines are seeking the help of astrologers to boost their prospects of winning in the upcoming polls, scheduled next month.

Astro: ‘The show has begun’

The last time when Jupiter & Rahu had met, in the month of Dec 2008 to Nov 2009; there was a global recession.

Lady Gaga takes astrology advice ahead of world tour

Gaga is taking advice from astrologers over fears that the stars will be aligned in wrong direction during her world tour.

What 2012 has in store for Barbara Windsor

A British astrologer and media personality looked at Barbara Windsor’s stars to see what the New Year 2012 beholds for her.

Astrology can predict tsunamis, claims Bihar minister

The ancient science of astrology can help predict natural disasters like tsunamis, a Bihar minister has said.

Astronomers find nearby baby black hole

Scientists have identified a young black hole formed from an exploding star witnessed 30 years ago.

Astrology is a `time-tested science`, says Union Government

Astrology is an ancient "science"
and it cannot be banned, the Union Government has said in an
affidavit filed in the Bombay High Court here.

Astro do’s and don`ts for solar eclipse

Chant the ‘surya mantra’, avoid eating out and postpone work and any major assignments, some astrologers warn about the impending eclipse on Wednesday.