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Astronomers optimistic about finding extraterrestrial life soon

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 19:30

Astronomers are confident that it`s just a matter of time before extraterrestrial life is found.

Astronomers spot rare asteroid break-up

Last Updated: Friday, March 07, 2014, 00:41

Astronomers today said they have witnessed the distant break-up of an asteroid, a rare event that was not caused by a violent space collision or a close encounter with the Sun.

Astronomers find record-breaking lunar impact

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 11:25

Spanish astronomers have said that a meteorite with the mass of a small car had crashed into the Moon last September.

US to offload 10 telescopes, astronomers worried

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 18:45

The National Science Foundation (NSF), an independent US government agency responsible to promote science and engineering - is looking for partners to take over its share of operations for 10 telescopes.

Monet painted `Etretat: Sunset` on Feb. 5, 1883 at 4:53 pm: Astronomers

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 18:13

Researchers have shed light on formerly unknown details about renowned French Impressionist Claude Monet`s 1883 painting, titled `Etretat: Sunset`, of the Normandy coast, including the fact that it was painted on Feb. 5, 1883 at 4:53 p.m.

Astronomers discover earliest galaxy

Last Updated: Friday, November 01, 2013, 12:52

In a major new survey of the early universe conducted from the NASA`s Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have identified the most distant, thus the earliest galaxy ever detected.

Astronomers discover most distant galaxy yet

Last Updated: Thursday, October 24, 2013, 09:50

Astronomers have found the most distant galaxy yet, a discovery that pushes back scientists` view of the universe to about 700 million years after it is thought to have come into existence.

NASA vows to review ban on Chinese astronomers

Last Updated: Friday, October 11, 2013, 09:29

The US space agency has vowed to reconsider the applications of Chinese scientists who were denied access to a NASA conference on security grounds, sparking a boycott by leading American astronomers.

Indian astronomers help get peek into ancient cosmos

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 21, 2013, 15:25

Four astronomers of the Raman Research Institute (RRI) in Bangalore participated in building a new radio telescope in Australia to track and receive signals from distant stars and galaxies.

Hubble discovers source of Magellanic Stream

Last Updated: Friday, August 09, 2013, 14:01

Washington: Astronomers have solved a 40-year mystery on the origin of Magellanic Stream, a ribbon of gas stretching almost halfway around our Milky Way galaxy.

Astronomers` findings challenge theory on how stars` lives end

Last Updated: Friday, May 31, 2013, 13:34

Berlin: An international team of astronomers is challenging the prevalent theory on how the lives of most stars end, the European Southern Observatory, or ESO, said.

Astronomers seeking public`s help to find `space warps`

Last Updated: Thursday, May 09, 2013, 14:18

Astronomers are asking members of the public to help them search for "space warps."