Family calls for answers as asylum-seeker dies in Australia

A young asylum-seeker has died in Australia, reportedly after a cut to his foot became infected, with his family's lawyer saying on Saturday that such a thing "does not happen in a civilised society".

Feeling the strain, Germany moves to tighten asylum rules

Germany, which has for two years been Europe`s leading destination for asylum seekers, is planning to toughen its immigration laws as it struggles to deal with a growing influx of new arrivals. 

Russia grants Snowden extended asylum: Lawyer

Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden was granted a residence permit for another three years in Russia, his lawyer said Thursday.

Australia `offered asylum-seekers lifeboats to go to India`

Asylum-seekers held on an Australian customs vessel at sea for weeks were given lifeboats and told to make their own way back to India, a lawyer for the group said Monday.

Edward Snowden`s asylum status in Russia ending

Edward Snowden`s temporary asylum status in Russia will expire at midnight Thursday, but the former US National Security Agency systems administrator appears set to stay on until authorities decide on his application for an extension.

Asylum-seekers kept at sea by Australia to seek compensation

A group of 157 asylum-seekers held for weeks on the high seas on an Australian customs vessel will seek compensation for their treatment, their lawyers said Monday.

Australia to ship Tamil asylum seekers to its mainland: Govt source

Australia will transfer 157 Tamil asylum seekers it has been holding at sea for nearly a month to a mainland detention centre, a government source told a news agency.

Ghanaians ask for Brazil asylum, Accra says baseless

Some 200 Ghanaians in Brazil for the World Cup have applied to stay permanently citing religious violence back home, police confirmed Friday, as Accra dismissed the bid as baseless.

Edward Snowden`s asylum could be extended in a week: Russia

Fugitive US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden could have his request to extend his asylum in Russia agreed within a week, a senior migration service representative said.

Sri Lanka to continue curbing illegal migration to Australia: Navy Chief

Sri Lanka is determined to curb illegal migration to Australia, Navy Chief Jayantha Perera said.

Australia denies "offensive" accusations Sri Lanka asylum seekers ill-treated

Australia on Wednesday rejected accusations of mistreatment by Sri Lankan asylum seekers returned to the island nation, saying the move sent a strong message to those thinking of following in their footsteps.

Asylum-seeking Congolese sent to Kinshasa: Dutch lawyer

Three Congolese witnesses formerly detained by the International Criminal Court has been returned to Kinshasa after failed asylum bids in the Netherlands, their lawyer said on Monday.

Australian activists say asylum-seeker boat in trouble

Refugee campaigners said Saturday that a boat carrying 153 asylum-seekers was in trouble off a remote Australian island, but the government said there were no significant incidents at sea to report.

Dozens of foreign diplomats seek asylum in Canada: Media

Dozens of foreign diplomats have requested asylum in Canada, the daily French-language newspaper La Presse reported Friday, citing secret government documents.

Australia plans more tough asylum-seeker reforms

Australia announced further tough reforms to its asylum-seeker policy on Wednesday, saying refugees should have to prove a higher risk of danger than before to avoid being sent home.

Another Tamil asylum-seeker sets himself alight in Australia

A 40-year-old Sri Lankan Tamil asylum-seeker in Australia has set himself on fire fearing deportation, the third such incident in the country battling exodus of refugees trying to sneak in illegally.

Australia offers asylum-seekers $10k to return home

Australia is offering asylum-seekers in its Pacific immigration camps up to $10,000 (US$9,400) if they voluntarily return to their home country, a report said Saturday, prompting outrage from refugee campaigners.

Italian navy rescues 2,500 migrants in 24 hours

The Italian navy today said it had rescued around 2,500 asylum-seekers from 17 boats in the past 24 hours as good weather conditions in the Mediterranean further boost the influx of asylum-seekers trying to reach Europe.

Edward Snowden may extend asylum in Russia

Fugitive US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden could extend his refugee status in Russia, his lawyer said.

South Korea ferry owner seeks asylum: Report

South Korean prosecutors investigating April`s ferry disaster said Tuesday the fugitive head of the family that owns the vessel had indirectly approached a foreign embassy in Seoul over asylum, but was rejected.