Australia, Cambodia sign new asylum-seeker deal

 Australia and Cambodia on Thursday sealed a second deal on immigration cooperation, vowing to tackle the "growing security threat" of asylum-seeker smuggling just months after agreeing to transfer refugees to the Southeast Asian nation.

Canada denies asylum for ex-Tunisian president`s in-law

Canada denied asylum on Monday to the brother-in-law of deposed Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, saying he had likely used his position to commit "serious" crimes.

Canada denies asylum for ex-Tunisian president`s in-law

Canada denied asylum on Monday to the brother-in-law of deposed Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, saying he had likely used his position to commit "serious" crimes.

Sierra Leone vice president says requested asylum at US embassy

Sierra Leone`s Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana said he had requested asylum at the US embassy in Freetown after soldiers surrounded his residence on Saturday following his expulsion from the ruling party last week.

Cambodia deports 36 Vietnamese Montagnards: Activists

Cambodia has deported 36 Vietnamese Montagnards after they were arrested while trying to seek asylum, in the latest expulsion of a hill tribe group fleeing persecution, activists said Monday.

Spain`s Supreme Court backs asylum for Kazakhstan opponent

 Spain`s Supreme Court has ruled that a Kazakh dissident who rights groups warn would face torture if he returned to Kazakhstan has the right to asylum in Spain, according to a decision published on Wednesday.

Indian man loses court bid to stay in UK

A 40-year-old Indian national, who has been living in Britain illegally for nearly 18 years, has lost his latest court battle to stay on in the country and faces deportation back to India.

`Volatile situation` in PNG asylum-seeker protest

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Friday he was worried about the "volatile situation" at a Papua New Guinea asylum-seeker camp after reports that detainees were swallowing razor blades and washing powder.

Refugees drown in attempted Sudanese smuggling

At least eight asylum-seekers have drowned trying to cross a river in Sudan during an attempt to smuggle them out of a refugee camp, the UN refugee agency said on Thursday.

Asylum for fugitives is legitimate right: Cuba

Cuba says it has a right to grant asylum to US fugitives, the clearest signal yet that the communist government has no intention of extraditing America's most-wanted woman despite the warming relations.

Germany`s new far-right populists rail against Islam

 They march in their thousands every Monday evening, wave German national flags and angrily protest against "criminal asylum seekers" and the "Islamisation" of their home country.

Australia tightens asylum seekers access, leaves refugees in Indonesia

 Australia`s conservative government on Wednesday defended its decision to stop asylum seekers passing through Indonesia from settling in Australia, a move that could leave Indonesia with thousands of refugees from the Middle East.

Australian-born baby denied refugee status

A baby born in Australia to asylum-seeker parents is not entitled to refugee status, a judge ruled Wednesday, in a case which advocates said will impact the fate of scores more children.

Ally of Putin critic asks for asylum in Britain

A key ally of top Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny said today he had applied for asylum in Britain, linking his request to political persecution due to his work.

Family calls for answers as asylum-seeker dies in Australia

A young asylum-seeker has died in Australia, reportedly after a cut to his foot became infected, with his family's lawyer saying on Saturday that such a thing "does not happen in a civilised society".

Feeling the strain, Germany moves to tighten asylum rules

Germany, which has for two years been Europe`s leading destination for asylum seekers, is planning to toughen its immigration laws as it struggles to deal with a growing influx of new arrivals. 

Russia grants Snowden extended asylum: Lawyer

Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden was granted a residence permit for another three years in Russia, his lawyer said Thursday.

Australia `offered asylum-seekers lifeboats to go to India`

Asylum-seekers held on an Australian customs vessel at sea for weeks were given lifeboats and told to make their own way back to India, a lawyer for the group said Monday.

Edward Snowden`s asylum status in Russia ending

Edward Snowden`s temporary asylum status in Russia will expire at midnight Thursday, but the former US National Security Agency systems administrator appears set to stay on until authorities decide on his application for an extension.

Asylum-seekers kept at sea by Australia to seek compensation

A group of 157 asylum-seekers held for weeks on the high seas on an Australian customs vessel will seek compensation for their treatment, their lawyers said Monday.