Snow from Pakistan avalanche 80 feet deep

More than 12 hours after the disaster at the entrance to the Siachen Glacier, no survivors had been found.

Pak avalanche `won’t undermine morale of soldiers`

A massive avalanche smashed into a key Pakistani Army camp in the Siachen sector along Indian border, burying over 100 soldiers.

Pakistani troops dig for 135 missing in avalanche

Siachen is on the northern tip of the divided Kashmir region claimed by both India and Pakistan.

Afghan peace: ‘Pak not taken into confidence’

The Pakistan Army has said that Islamabad has not been informed about the objectives of the peace plan in Afghanistan.

Despite US pressure, Pak`s no to offensive against militants

The Pakistani Army says it can`t launch any new offensives against militants for six months to a year to give it time to stabilise existing gains.