Australian man isolated in Ebola scare

An Australian was isolated in hospital Thursday after he displayed symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus following a trip to Africa, health officials said.

Ileana D`Cruz tweets about Australian beau

Unlike many of her colleagues, Ileana chose to speak about her love life in public. She is dating Andrew, an Australian photographer.

Austrian national arrested for illegal stay

A 24-year-old Austrian National has been arrested from Madhuban colony here, for illegally staying in India and his passport confiscated, police said today.

Indonesia releases man accused of hijack scare

Indonesia on Sunday released an Australian man who caused a hijack scare on a flight to Bali by trying to break into the cockpit because the incident occurred on a plane registered in Australia, police said.

Sia new album title revealed

Australian singer Sia has revealed that her upcoming studio album will be named 1000 Forms of Fear.

Australian mother jailed for sex abuse of daughter

An Australian mother who sexually abused her daughter to maintain the affection of her boyfriend has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison, reports said Friday.

One dead, 77 hurt in riot at PNG immigration centre

One person was killed and 77 injured during a second night of rioting at an Australian immigration detention centre on Papua New Guinea`s Manus Island, officials said on Monday.

Nude washing machine Aussie says oil rescue like a `birth`

An Australian man who made global headlines after becoming wedged naked in his washing machine during a prank said Tuesday his freeing by police using olive oil was "like a birthing".

Rescued Antarctic passengers resume journey home

An Australian icebreaker carrying 52 passengers who were retrieved from an icebound ship in the Antarctic resumed its journey home on Saturday, leaving behind another two icebreakers trapped in pack ice.

China icebreaker `stalls` on way to stranded Antarctic ship

A Chinese icebreaker heading to rescue a scientific expedition vessel trapped off Antarctica has itself stalled in icy conditions, Australian media said.

Australian PM responds to angry Indonesian leader

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said today his response to the Indonesian president`s angry letter following reports of Australian phone tapping of Indonesian leaders was on its way to Jakarta.

Aus FM station appeals against probe into `royal prank` call

An Australian radio station, involved in the infamous royal prank call that led to the death of an Indian-origin nurse in the UK, has filed an appeal whether the country`s media watchdog has the right to probe.

Everest avalanche: Australian man saves wife, dies after six hours

After surviving being buried under snow for six hours after an avalanche near Mount Everest, Australian man Dean Higgins has died of hypothermia.

Australian musicians suffer from pain, anxiety: Study

Most of Australia`s classical musicians are suffering from performance-related physical pain, anxiety and depression, according to a study released Wednesday by the University of Sydney.

Indian woman charged for murder of ex-lover`s fiancée in Aus

A woman of Indian origin, charged with stabbing to death the fiancée of her former lover, has been denied bail by an Australian court.

Jets collided in Australian tarmac crash

Two commercial jets collided on the tarmac at Australia`s Melbourne airport on Saturday, officials said, damaging the aircraft but causing no injury to passengers.

Oz Minister apologises for Facebook `like` of naked Young Liberal

Australia`s education minister Peter Collier has apologized for an embarrassing Facebook indiscretion which revealed that he had liked a picture of a Young Liberal showing his genitals.

IT researchers hack Google`s Australian office building

Google`s Wharf 7 office in Sydney has stated that their building control system, which monitors the building`s mechanical and electrical equipment, has been hacked by two IT security researchers.

Asian language teaching in Oz schools declines

Asian language teaching in Australian schools has declined to the extent that students aged 12 years and less are studying Latin than Chinese.

Australian survey back foreign students to stay in country

Nearly three-quarters of Australians believe international students should be encouraged to stay in the country after completing their university studies.