Avian influenza treatments identified

In a novel discovery, scientists have identified six potential therapeutics to treat the deadly H7N9 avian influenza.

Deadly bird flu H7N9 at risk of spreading from China to India, Bangladesh

A new research suggests that a dangerous strain of avian influenza, H7N9, that`s causing severe illness and deaths in China may be inhabiting a small fraction of its potential range and appears at risk of spreading to other suitable areas of India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Bird flu detected in Japan, 112,000 chickens to be culled

After two birds tested positive for avian influenza at a Japanese poultry farm Sunday, 112,000 chickens would be culled, the country`s agriculture ministry said.

Shanghai reports two deaths in China bird flu outbreak

Two people have died from the H7N9 strain of bird flu in China`s commercial hub Shanghai, including a medical doctor, the local government said Monday, the city`s first fatalities from the virus this year.

1950s pandemic influenza virus still remains health threat to under 50s

Researchers reported H2N2 avian viruses could infect human respiratory cells.

Govt declares country free from bird flu

The government today declared the country free from bird flu and has notifed the same to OIE-world organisation for animal health.

China reports second H7N9 bird flu case in October

China confirmed a new human case of the deadly H7N9 strain of bird flu on Wednesday, the second infection reported in October after a summer lull.

Avian influenza A virus `potential pandemic threat`!

A new research has found that novel avian-origin H7N9 influenza A virus, has potential for both virulence and transmissibility in humans.

New avian influenza strain found in China

A new strain of bird flu that can infect and kill animals has been discovered in chickens in poultry markets in China, according to a new study.

Quack shot: Duck genome takes aim at bird flu

An international team of scientists said today they had sequenced the genome of the duck as part of an investigation into a natural source for avian influenza.

How bird flu viruses adapt to humans

Two new studies have identified mutations that increase the infectivity of H5N1 and H7N9 viruses through improved binding to receptors in the human respiratory tract.

Bird flu toll rises to 33 in China

The toll due to the H7N9 avian influenza in China has risen to 33, with the death of an 83-year-old woman in Shanghai, officials said Saturday.

H7N9`s infection risks mapped

Scientists have mapped avian influenza (H7N9) risk based on the northwards migratory patterns of birds using environmental and meteorological data - from Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu, to Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang.

H7N9 bird flu spreads to central China`s Hunan

China`s deadly outbreak of H7N9 bird flu has spread to the central province of Hunan, local health authorities said on Sunday, the third announcement in three days of a case in a new location.

Phase I clinical trial for H5N1 vaccine yields positive results

Infectious Disease Research Institute and Medicago Inc. have reported positive interim results from a Phase I clinical trial for an H5N1 Avian Influenza VLP vaccine candidate.

Scientists find gene that can make flu a killer

Paul Kellam of Britain`s Sanger Institute said the gene, called ITFITM3, appeared to be a "crucial first line of defense" against flu.

`India yet to provide scientific justification on poultry ban`

A top Obama Administration official has said US was yet to receive a "scientific" justification from India over New Delhi`s ban on imports of certain American farm products, including poultry meat and eggs.

India free from bird flu: Govt

The government on Wednesday announced that the country is free of bird flu disease.

Assam: Culling completed to check bird flu

Assam govt has completed the culling of infected birds and mopping operation to control spread of avian influenza.

Fresh cases of bird flu in Tripura

The government has also imposed a ban on import of poultry birds, ducks and other poultry products from outside the state.