`Real` cooperation needed to crush IS: Bashar al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday that "international cooperation" was necessary to crush the Islamic State group, which is the target of a US-led campaign.

Syria`s Assad said ousted Baathists made mistakes

Ruling party leaders removed in a reshuffle this week had made mistakes while in office, Syria`s President Bashar al-Assad told the Baath party`s mouthpiece in an interview published on Thursday.

Iraq cabinet unveils sweeping reform of Saddam law

Iraq`s cabinet unveiled sweeping reforms to a law barring members of Saddam Hussein`s Baath party from public life on Sunday, in a bid to head off months of rallies by country`s Sunni Arab minority.

Syrian government battling al Qaeda: Minister

Pro-government troops in Syria are waging a war with well-armed groups of Al Qaeda militants, Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoebi said Monday.

Blasts in Syrian capital as Assad vows crackdown

The UN says over 3,500 people in Syria have been killed in the crackdown since the start of the uprising in mid-March.

Syria endorses law to allow political parties

The move could allow for a change in power in Syria ruled for decades by the Baath party.

Only 1 in 5 blacklisted Iraqi candidates to run

Only one in five candidates accused of being loyalists to Saddam Hussein`s regime successfully fought an order banning them from running in Iraq`s national elections next month, officials said on Sunday.

Iraq sends thousands more police to Syrian border

Iraq has deployed thousands of reinforcements along its border with Syria to prevent insurgents from crossing the desert frontier.