'Insomniac adults' more likely to suffer back pain later in life

A new research has recently revealed that adults suffering from insomnia are almost one-and-a-half times more likely to suffer from back pain eventually.

Rehabilitated Tiger Woods heading toward his second billion
Rehabilitated Tiger Woods heading toward his second billion

His goal of 18 majors is in serious doubt, but five years after his precipitous fall from grace a rehabilitated Tiger Woods is entering the next phase of his career heading toward making another billion.

Why watching movies in bed is a sure shot recipe for a bad back

 A new study has revealed that watching movies in bed on a laptop or tablet is bad for backs.

Moving around during day better than medication, rest for back pain

 A new study has revealed that simply walking around and stretching during the day help patients manage back pain better than taking Tylenol and rest.

Indians ignore back pain till it becomes chronic: Study

Most people in India ignore back pain when it is acute and seek medical help only when it is accompanied by some other form of chronic pain, says a study.

Body Mechanics can help you steer clear of chronic lower back pain

 A new study has revealed that body mechanics play a major role in avoiding and relieving chronic lower back pain, it has been reported.

Best postures to maintain in front of your computer screen

In this technology driven world it is imperative to use technology for the reason it has been created- to make things easier for us! But if using technology is taking a toll on your body then it's time to analyse your ways of using it.

'Mindfulness' can improve adults' poor health caused by childhood adversity

A new study has revealed that mindfulness and accepting the present moments can help in improving the health of adults who were mistreated or ignored as kids.

Matt Kuchar withdraws from PGA Championship with back issues

There was a player withdrawal from the 96th PGA Championship on Thursday due to back pain, but it was not Tiger Woods who pulled out.

5 natural remedies to cure neck pain

Having a neck pain these days is very common due to the hectic schedules and stressful working culture.

Weather doesn`t cause low back pain, say scientists

Aussie scientists have shunned the belief that low back pain are linked to weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction and precipitation.

Don`t curse weather for low back pain

Sudden, acute episodes of low back pain are not linked to weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure or wind direction, new research shows.

Spine function test to make back pain treatment easier

At some point of time every person suffers from back pain in their lives. To measure the functioning of the spine, researchers have developed a digital test.

Rishi Kapoor discharged from hospital

Yesteryear superstar Rishi Kapoor was reportedly discharged from Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai after being admitted there for two days. According to sources, the actor complained of severe back pain and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Low back pain single largest factor behind work disability

A new study has revealed that low back pain causes more work disability around the globe than any other condition.

Back pain, weight loss? Be warned, it could be TB

Acute back pain, unexplained weight loss, fever and night sweats: If they persist beyond a week, there is cause to worry, health experts caution.

Bono takes own bed on tour

U2 frontman Bono reportedly takes his own bed on tour with him so that he doesn`t aggravate his back, which was operated on in 2010.

Leonardo DiCaprio's back pain

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly suffering from an injury he sustained while shooting `The Wolf of Wall Street`.

Gossner out of Sochi Olympics

German biathlete Miriam Gossner has pulled out of the forthcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, suffering from persistent back pain, she announced at the World Cup meeting in Oberhof on Saturday.

Back pain affects sex life: survey

Back pain can be fatal for a happy and healthy sex life, according to a new survey conducted in Britain.