China search giant Baidu plans to open online bank

China's main search engine Baidu plans to launch an online bank with financial services group Citic, the two companies said today, as the Internet firm seeks to compete with rivals moving into banking.

China search giant Baidu plans to open online bank

Baidu is often portrayed as the Chinese equivalent of Google.

Baidu updates its Android app store in Hindi

China's leading Internet search providing firm Baidu on Monday launched an updated version of its third-party Android app store - MoboMarket 3.0 - in Hindi to cater to the growing Indian user-base.

Uber raises $1.5 bn for Chinese branch: Source

Uber, the app-based car service has raised $1.2 billion to keep expanding Uber China, a source close to the efforts said.

China's web giant Baidu to launch driverless car

China's web service giant Baidu is set to launch its self-driving car in the second half of this year, media reported on Tuesday.

Daimler teams up with China's Baidu in connected cars drive

Daimler and Baidu announced their tie-up on Monday at consumer electronics show CES in Shanghai.

Baidu revenue falls short of estimates as customers go mobile
Baidu revenue falls short of estimates as customers go mobile

Mobile revenue represented 42 percent of total revenue, up from 36 percent in the third quarter, Baidu said.

China's Baidu invests in controversial taxi app Uber

Chinese search engine Baidu, the country's equivalent of Google, announced Wednesday it has bought a stake in Uber for an undisclosed sum, as the controversial US web-based taxi app seeks to expand into an already crowded market.

Chinese internet giant Baidu to invest $600mn in under fire Uber

According to Tech Crunch, a Baidu spokesperson confirmed that the company has arranged a press conference for next week when it will announce "an investment in and strategic cooperation deal with a prominent US-based startup."

China's Baidu to invest in taxi app Uber: Report

Chinese search engine Baidu, the country's equivalent of Google, will make a strategic investment of up to USD 600 million in the popular but controversial US taxi app Uber, state media said on Friday.

Baidu boosts location-based platform with new services, $10 mn investment

Baidu currently makes most of its income from desktop-based search advertising and has lagged peers such as Tencent Holdings Ltd in capitalising on the popularity of mobile internet in China.

China's Wanda in USD $800 million e-commerce JV to challenge Alibaba

China's biggest property developer Wanda Group said it will set up an e-commerce venture at a cost of over USD 800 million with two other Internet giants, Baidu and Tencent, in a challenge to industry leader Alibaba Group ahead of its debut in the US stock market.

China's Baidu warned over porn content: Report

Chinese search engine giant Baidu has been told by authorities to clean up its content after pornographic files were found on its online storage service.

Chinese search engine Baidu mulling Google-like `self-driven` car

Chinese search engine Baidu, widely known as Google of China , is reportedly planning its own ` self- driven` car, matching up with the tech giant Google.

Chinese search engine Baidu mulling Google-like ''self-driven'' 

Deputy Director of a Baidu research group, Kai Yu revealed that the company is working on a highly autonomous car.

Alibaba:The new face of finance in China

For Yuan Yue, a Chinese graduate student in international trade, moving all of her spare cash to an online investment fund called Yu`e Bao was a no brainer.

Baidu hires former Google artificial intelligence chief

China's top search engine Baidu Inc has hired Google Inc's former artificial intelligence (AI) chief Andrew Ng to spearhead research in a field that promises to show Internet companies how to maximize use of their vast data trove.

Baidu facing $49.2 million payouts over copyright violation claims

China's search giant Baidu has been reportedly sued a whopping 49.2 million dollars in damage for copyright violations, after privacy-fighting group filed a lawsuit against the site for spreading pirated videos online.

Chinese Baidu's e-mall shut within 24 hours of launch

The copyright experts said that Baidu's cloud computing-based e-mall allegedly gave users much more freedom, which was likely to result in the abuse of copyrights, the China Daily reports.

China’s Google offers ‘no-install app’ preview service

China’s Google, Baidu has reportedly launched an app preview service to its users allowing them to preview mobile apps without needing to install them first.