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Potatoes, bananas can do wonders to your health – Read

Potatoes, bananas can do wonders to your health – Read

Researchers examined the potential health benefits of resistant starch, a form of starch that is not digested in the small intestine and is therefore considered a type of dietary fibre.

Try these easy home remedies to get quick relief from acidity!

Do you often suffer from acidity? Well, everyone must have suffered from it and excess stomach acid can cause uncomfortable symptoms, pain, and even severe health problems. 

Eat these foods before a workout!

Do you usually work out on an empty stomach? Well, many of might have but it is one of the worst things to do. 

Try these home remedies to get rid of diarrhoea!

Diarrhoea occurs when the digestive system is not functioning properly, resulting in frequent watery stools, three or more times a day.

5 foods that should not be refrigerated at any cost!

Here is a list of 5 food items that should not be kept in the fridge.

Follow this diet to lose weight in just 4 days – Watch!

This popular diet dates back to 1934, but today, it has become more of a fad diet owing to its quick weight loss potential.

Watch: Why spotted bananas are better than yellow ones!

We totally agree that the browning is a bit off-putting and unappetizing, but think again before you go throwing them away!

Eggplants trump bananas in sex emojis study

Eggplants are way more popular than bananas -- at least when it comes to sexually charged emojis used on Twitter, says a study.

Drug from banana substance may help fight AIDS

A substance originally found in bananas and carefully edited by scientists could lead to drugs that fight off a wide range of viruses, including those that cause AIDS, Hepatitis C and influenza, new research suggests.

Before you think of throwing those banana peels in the dustbin, read this!

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New Delhi: It is a well known fact that bananas are packed with several health benefits, but do you know that the peel of bananas are equally beneficial.Sounds weird? 

Want to lose weight? Include these foods in your diet!

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One doesn't have to starve oneself to lose weight, you can always do it by eating the right kind of food. Here is a list of veggies and fruits which will help you lose your weight and get that perfectly shaped body:

Enjoy the goodness of tropical fruits

The tropics is blessed with sunshine all year long along with abundant rainfall and some of the most popular fruits in the world. Read on to find out about their health benefits as well.

5 easy home remedies to stop loose motions

Poor eating habits are perpetrators of common stomach disorders like loose motions, which in turn, bring in a host of health troubles like weakness, loss of appetite, stomach pain and dehydration. So, use these five easy home cures that won’t let those watery unformed stools keep you down.

Good old bananas at threat of extinction!

Researchers are `incredibly concerned` for fate of banana as plagues and fungus infections spread across world`s supplies, it has been revealed.

Bananas may hold hope for migraine cure

A mother of two from West Sussex discovered that munching on a banana every couple of hours was a miracle cure.

The world is all set to go bananas!

Climate change could lead to bananas becoming a critical source of food for millions of people, a new study has claimed.

Bananas `better than sports drinks for athletes`

Bananas beat sports drinks as energy source for athletes, a new study has revealed.

Don’t be close to bananas: Islamic cleric to women

The cleric said that if women wish to eat bananas, a third party should cut the items into small pieces and serve.

Bananas `favour long days`

Contrary to the perception that temperature is the key variable in banana ripening, a research has found that the fruit actually favours long days.

Beyonce snacks on bananas with ketchup

Beyonce Knowles, who is pregnant with her first child with husband Jay Z, has strange cravings. The singer is snacking on bananas with ketchup.