Pak-origin UK politician cleared of cheating charges

The Lords’ Commissioner for Standards criticised the peer’s lack of transparency about Baroness Warsi living arrangements.

Warsi`s Pak trip was `minor` breach of code: UK PM

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi had been found guilty of breaching ministerial rules by taking a business associate on an official trip overseas.

Britain`s new immigration policy termed ``racist``

Home Secretary Theresa May had proposed that UK citizens earning less than GBP 40,000 should not be allowed to bring in a foreign partner.

Baroness Warsi has links with Pak-based radicals?

It has been revealed that Baroness Warsi`s undeclared business partner, Abid Hussain, was involved with a radical Islamist party.

Pak-origin UK politician faces inquiry for misusing funds

Pak-origin British politician Baroness Warsi is facing calls for a police investigation into her Parliamentary expenses for reportedly misusing taxpayers` funds.

`Pakistani men view white girls as fair game`

Nine men, eight of whom were of Pakistani origin, were jailed in the Rochdale sexual abuse case involving young girls.

UK: Baroness Warsi attacks `acceptable` Islamophobia

Sayeeda Warsi is the first Muslim woman to sit in the British cabinet.

UK: Baroness Warsi barred from Islamic conference

A number of pro-al Qaeda speakers were due to appear in the Islamic meet.

Quotas for minority candidates has passed: UK`s Baroness Warsi

UK`s 1st female Muslim cabinet minister wants to scrap all-black shortlists.