Martin Luther King would have been shocked!

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke protocol, personally received the US President Barack Obama at the airport, treated him with utmost respect and embraced him with warmth to strengthen Indo-US relationship that had almost slipped into hibernation in the last few years.

Barrack Obama hosts 'Selma' screening at White House
Barrack Obama hosts 'Selma' screening at White House

US President Barack Obama hosted a private screening of the historical drama film "Selma" at the White House. It was attended by a string of celebrities.

Harry Styles rubbishes rumor of having affair with Barack Obama
Harry Styles rubbishes rumor of having affair with Barack Obama

 Harry Styles has responded to the reports that he had an affair withBarack Obama after US tabloid National Examiner featured the story in one of their covers.

Iraq recalls envoy to Jordan after opposition meets in Amman

Baghdad today said that it had recalled its ambassador to Jordan, two days after Sunni Iraqi leaders meeting in Amman described a jihadist-led insurgency sweeping parts of Iraq as a "popular revolt".

Opportunity to reframe ties with Pakistan post 2014: Dunford

As America`s dependence on the crucial line of communication passing through Pakistan decreases post 2014, a US General based in Afghanistan has has said this could give the United States an opportunity to reframe relationship with Islamabad.

Rising India is ameliorating influence on China: US

The US has said a rising India is going to be an ameliorating influence on China as there will be areas of both collaboration and competition between the two Asian giants to work on.

Khobragade incident has developed closer ties with India: US

The US has said the aftermath of last year`s Khobragade incident has led to the development of closer ties and closer communication with India.

US hopeful of addressing nuke liability issues with India

With the new government in power in India, the US believes that there may be an opening to address the contentious nuclear liability issues with India, a top US official said.

US to send 6 Guantanamo detainees to Uruguay: official

The United States plans to transfer six Guantanamo detainees to Uruguay early next month, an Obama administration official has said.

US can play imp role to help India address its problems

The US can play an important role in helping India in addressing the challenges faced by it and creating opportunities that would benefit both countries, a top Obama administration official said today.

NSA releases first statistics on surveillance sweep

The US National Security Agency released its first "transparency report" Friday, as part of an effort to quell the firestorm over reports of its massive data collection efforts.

2014 FIFA World Cup: Betting Obama beer and other stories

Belgium Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo has offered US President Barrack Obama a bet to see whose team wins when the sides meet in the last 16 in Brasilia on Tuesday.

Putin, Obama to discuss Ukraine, Iraq soon: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Barack Obama will discuss the situation in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria "in the coming days," a top aide said on Friday.

Indian American actor Kal Penn on President Barrack Obama`s arts panel

President Barack Obama has nominated popular Indian-American actor Kal Penn of ‘The Namesake’ fame to his Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Terrorists could attack Obama : Ex US intel chief

Terrorists could use drones, the unmanned, missile-firing aircraft, to attack and kill President Barack Obama.

First family appears in style for Obama`s second innaugration

The first family of the United States showed up in style for President Barack Obama`s second inauguration.

Barack Obama sworn-in as US prez for a second term

Barack Obama was sworn in for the second time as millions of supporters gathered to witness the occasion.

Obama on Michelle`s new style: `I love her bangs`

President Barack Obama has given his opinion on what he called the most significant event of inaugural weekend: his wife`s new haircut.

Obama averages 49 per cent approval in his 1st term in office

Prez Barack Obama averaged 49.1 per cent job approval during his first term in office, among the lowest for post-World War II US prez, Gallup said.

US lawmakers plead with Putin, Obama on pending adoptions

Lawmakers have appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Prez Barack Obama, to allow pending US adoptions of Russian children to go through.