Sharon Stone's 'Basic Instinct' named most erotic movie of all time
Sharon Stone's 'Basic Instinct' named most erotic movie of all time

'Basic Instinct' starring Sharon Stone has been voted as the most erotic movie of all time.

I thought I was dying, says Sharon Stone post brain surgery

Sharon Stone, who earlier suffered a brain aneurysm , said that she thought she was dying even after she came home from hospital.

Sharon Stone fine with ageing

`Basic Instinct` star Sharon Stone feels that one cannot do much about ageing as it is inevitable.

Sharon Stone happy to embrace 'sex symbol' status

Sharon Stone has revealed that she takes a lot of pleasure in the sex symbol status.

Surgeons are queueing up to nip and tuck me: Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone said she will never go under the knife despite the fact cosmetic surgeons are crying out to give her a nip and tuck.

Sharon Stone is beautiful: Cornish

Abbie Cornish, who was recently compared to "Basic Instinct" star Sharon Stone, finds the latter beautiful.

Ben Stiller`s strange encounter with female fan

Actor-filmmaker Ben Stiller says he was once stalked by a female fan who pretended to be a journalist.

Sharon Stone shunned facelift to look sexier

Actress Sharon Stone says she has been offered plastic surgery by several doctors but always refused as she feels more sensual as a natural beauty.

Sharon Stone no longer interested in fashion

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, who will turn 55 on Sunday, says she is no longer interested in fashion and is amazed that she can still fit into designer clothes.

Nicole Kidman mimics ‘Basic Instinct’ moment of Sharon Stone in new flick

Nicole Kidman, who has been in need of a hit lately, has her eyes shut and her mouth and legs wide open in her new movie with Zac Efron.

`Hate Story` is India`s `Basic Instinct`: Nikhil Dwivedi

Nikhil Dwivedi, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming erotic thriller "Hate Story", feels that the movie is India`s first `Basic Instinct`.

Basic Instinct leg crossing scene `gripping piece of hokum` for censors

British film censors actually relished some of cinema’s most explicit scenes, archive documents have revealed.

Hollywood diva Sharon Stone does a ‘Basic Instinct’ redux!

Sharon Stone revisited the famous pose from the cult movie ‘Basic Instinct.’

Sharon Stone ordered to pay $232K to man injured on her property

‘Basic Instinct’ star Sharon Stone has been ordered to pay 232,000 dollars to a man who was injured on her property in 2006.

Sharon’s leg-crossing scene ‘most-paused moment in movies’

Sharon Stone’s infamous leg-crossing scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ has topped a poll of the ‘most-paused moments in movies’.

When Sharon Stone almost re-created `Basic Instinct` moment

Sharon Stone was on the verge of creating a `Basic Instinct` -like flash when a bug flew into her dress.