Soon, bat-inspired flying robots

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, are planning to develop small flying vehicles with flapping wings inspired by wing motions of a bat.

Wyoming’s bat may be listed as endangered species

Of all the 15 bat species that live in Wyoming, one could be listed as endangered due to the threats it faces outside of the state.

How Indian soldiers were ambushed along LoC on August 6

A preliminary probe into the killing of five Indian soldiers along the LoC earlier this month has revealed that the attack was well-planned.

`Citizen scientists` to record Europe`s bat population

A website that is a collaboration of many institutes working for the conservation of bats is calling on "citizen scientists" to help researchers monitor and record the population of bats in Europe.

Youth convicted for hitting boy let off on probation

A youth held guilty of causing death of a boy by hitting him with a cricket bat in a "sudden quarrel" has been let off on probation.

Bat brain offers clues into human hearing

Neurons in bat brains seem to "shush" other neurons when relevant sounds come in - a process that may be present in humans as well.

Scientist unravel the mystery of bat, dolphin echoes

Scientists have discovered an interesting similarity in the DNA of bats and dolphins that enable them to echolocate.

World``s largest bats would be extinct soon

The world``s largest species of fruit bat, Pteropus vampyrus, could be driven to extinction in Peninsular Malaysia at the current hunting rate, scientists have warned.