Coming, lighter batteries with more life

You may soon be able to have a cell phone with double or triple the battery life as researchers have taken a big step towards accomplishing what battery designers have been trying to do for decades - design a pure lithium anode.

Charge mobiles less to prolong battery life

Want to extend the life of your cell phone`s battery? Do not charge your mobile to 100 per cent!

New mode to extend your phone`s battery life

Ever felt frustrated when your cell phone battery is dying or dead? Well, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new technology that would extend the battery life.

‘WiFi napping’ to double battery life

According to Justin Manweiler, the system named SleepWell enables smart phones and laptop computers to work for longer hours by making changes to the WiFi technology.

Smartphones may soon have battery life extended by up to 20%

If you`re tired of your smartphone`s battery draining out a little too fast, you may soon find a reason to smile - manufacturers are planning to change the memory type of smartphones, extending their battery life by up to 20%.