Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin faces battery charge
Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin faces battery charge

Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin faces a charge of misdemeanor battery from an incident last month in a Las Vegas nightclub, court records showed Wednesday.

Coming soon: The tiniest battery in the world

Researchers in the US have invented a battery that is so small that a billon of them could be crammed into a space the size of a postage stamp.

New formulation leads to improved liquid battery

Researchers at MIT have improved a proposed liquid battery system that could enable renewable energy sources to compete with conventional power plants.

Origami-inspired robot that can fold itself and crawl away

Have you ever imagined a robot that change shapes by folding itself up just like Origami, the Japanese art of paper-folding?

Add second screen to smartphone and save battery life

Know how to improve battery life of your smartphone? Attach a second screen.

Now, sand-based batteries to power your phone!

Believe it or not, using sand as the key material, researchers have created a lithium ion battery that can outperform the current industry standard by three times.

New lithium battery to make air travel safer?

In view of the increasing concerns about the fire risks that lithium batteries pose to aircraft passengers, researchers have developed a new technology that promises safer batteries in the future.

Now, battery that works for 10 years sans charging

Researchers have reportedly come up with a battery that could keep wearable and health care devices running for 10 or more years without a recharge.

Soon, a device that lets users charge their phones using wind energy

Trinity is a handy wind turbine which lets users charge their phones using wind energy

Soon, batteries that `breathe`

Researchers have made new progress in developing a "breathing" battery that has the potential to replace the lithium-ion technology of today`s electric vehicles (EVs).

Coming, a battery that runs on sugar

Cell phones, tablets, video games and electronic gadgets to run on sugar in next three years? Sweet on ears, truly.

Scientists decode chemistry inside a battery

Researchers have developed a new technique to study battery electrodes in action, an advance that can bring long-lasting, inexpensive rechargeable batteries closer to reality.

Soon, battery that have better efficiency than traditional ones

Researchers have fabricated a cathode (positive electrode) of lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) in which the compound`s individual grains are aligned in a specific orientation, which they claim yields a significantly higher-performing battery than one with a randomly-oriented LiCoO2 cathode.

Inexpensive material boosts battery capacity

Next-generation lithium-ion batteries made with iron oxide nanoparticles could extend the driving distance of electric cars, scientists have found.

787 Dreamliner flight delayed by eight hours

Another technical glitch hit an All Nippon Airways787 Dreamliner following which the scheduled flight was delayed by eight hours in Tokyo.

Now, battery made out of wood

A team of researchers have made a tiny, long-lasting, environmentally friendly battery made of sliver of wood coated with tin.

New sulfur-based battery outperforms traditional lithium-ion technology

The ORNL battery design, which uses abundant low-cost elemental sulfur, also addresses flammability concerns experienced by other chemistries.

Porn star Jenna Jameson arrested for `battery`

Former pornographic actress Jenna Jameson has been arrested for alleged battery on Saturday.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner battery makers being probed

Officials at ANA as saying that the main battery taken from the ANA 787 plane which landed at Takamatsu was swollen.

Tweaking batteries for faster electric cars

Faster and more powerful electric cars may now be possible by tweaking capacitors.