US beer icon Budweiser to rename itself 'America', for a while

It won't be a permanent move: the rebranding will span the presidential election campaign, starting on May 23 and running to the national vote on November 8.

Beer won't shed your kilos, but compound from hops might

More research will be required to show safety and efficacy in humans, the researchers said.

Drinking beer instead of water not our culture: Shiv Sena

Two days after Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray demanded shutting down of water supply to breweries in drought-hit Aurangabad in Marathwada region, the party Monday said drinking beer instead of water is not our culture.

Alcohol smell tempts us into boozing

Why is alcohol so addictive? According to a new study, for some people, the mere smell of booze can send them on a downwards spiral towards dependency.

Beer offers new weapon against cancer

University of Idaho researchers are working to extract the compounds and also find a way of creating them in the lab.

What Indians want more – Beer, Whisky or Rum?

What Indians want more – Beer, Whisky or Rum?

Beer was a predictable number 1 in the ranks by a large margin.

Novel yeast may inspire new beer flavour

Novel yeast may inspire new beer flavour

In industry, yeasts are used to produce biofuels and to make enzymes, flavours and pigments and even drugs such as human insulin.

Merger of beer giants threatening global health: Experts

The merger of the world's two largest beer manufacturers represents a major threat to global health, warn health experts, adding that the funders and regulators must respond more effectively to this threat.

Know why beer is good for sex!

Forget Viagra, as beer is one drug which can help you with bedroom performance.

Alcohol intake may up breast cancer risk: Study

 Alcohol intake increases the chances of developing breast cancer and this risk quadruples with the intake of each daily glass of wine or beer, a new study has warned.

Skin cancer risk? Beer to the rescue

A new study has revealed that vitamin B3 derivative can cut risk of new skin cancers.

AB InBev to acquire SABMiller in a record $109 billion deal

AB InBev to acquire SABMiller in a record $109 billion deal

British brewer SABMiller announced on Tuesday it had finally agreed a takeover by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's biggest beer producer — for about $109 billion. 

Is Delhi government promoting liquor consumption?

Delhi's tourism minister Kapil Sharma has passed a statement in which he has said that the minimum age to consume the liquor should be lesser than 25 years. He says that license procedures and inspector dictatorship should be ended. We talked to Kapil Sharma over his bold decision.

Ladies! One beer a week keeps heart attack risks weak

Ladies, you may want to start necking beer once every week as a new study suggests that moderate beer consumption runs lower risk of heart attack.

Global beer leader AB InBev to make offer for rival SABMiller

Global beer leader AB InBev to make offer for rival SABMiller

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world`s biggest beer maker, has approached rival SABMiller about a takeover that would form a brewing colossus that makes around a third of the beer drunk globally.

Craft brewers tap down resistance to Wall Street investors

The craft beer industry is booming, buoyed by deregulation and the increased buying power of its largely millennial customer base. 

Origins of lager beer traced back to 15th century Bavaria

Using next-generation sequencing techniques, scientists have traced the origins of the yeast used in making the most popular lager beer all the way back to 15th Century Bavaria in Germany.

Researchers crack the evolution of `beer yeast`

 Ever wondered how genetically different is lager from ale beer? Researchers have now answered this query by revealing the evolution of beer yeast.

Savour dimsums and beer - 28 storeys high!

Savour dimsums and beer - 28 storeys high!

Imagine gazing out at the twinkling city lights, sipping chilled beer and wolfing down steaming hot dimsums! That's exactly what The Lalit five-star hotel in the heart of the national capital has to offer at an ongoing food festival that runs to the end of the month.

FSSAI to soon issue draft notification for liquor standards

With plans to set standards for alcoholic drinks including beer, whisky and rum among others central food safety watchdog FSSAI is likely to come out with a draft notification within a few weeks.