Chilled beer to be available in 2,000 more TASMAC outlets

Tamil Nadu government on Friday said it has allocated Rs 7 crore for supply of beer bottle coolers to 2,000 more state-run liquor retail outlets.

Secrets of beer foam revealed

Researchers have said that the secret to optimal foam in the head of a freshly poured brew is just the right amount and kind of barley lipid transfer protein No. 1, aka LTP1.

`Traditional` beer mugs back in fashion for young pubbers

The traditional grenade-shaped beer mug is back in fashion for the young and trendy drinkers.

Cooking meat with beer may protect you from cancer

Beer, when used as a marinade, can help reduce the formation of potentially harmful cancer-causing substances in grilled meats, scientists have found.

Obama sends beer to Canada PM after losing hockey bet

The White House will deliver two cases of beer to the Canadian Embassy on Monday after US President Barack Obama lost an Olympic ice hockey bet to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

No fresh tax in Karnataka budget; liquor, beer dearer

Laying thrust on "social justice" in budget 2014-15, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah spared the common man of fresh tax ahead Lok Sabha polls, but made beer and liquor consumption more taxing.

5 reasons why beer is good for your health

For all those who believe that drinking beer may pose a threat to your health, recent studies have found that the drink has several surprising health benefits if consumed in moderate amounts.

Now, `electronic tongue` that can taste out different types of beer

Spanish researchers have developed an electronic tongue that can distinguish between different varieties of beer.

Scientists find why beer turns foamy on impact

Spanish scientists have discovered why beer transforms from liquid to foam when one bottle is bumped against another.

Why beer turns foamy on impact revealed

A new study has revealed the reason why beer turns from a liquid to a foamy state when one bottle is bumped against another.

Soon, solar cooler to help keep your beer cold as ice

Are you a true beer-lover with a few bucks to spend? Then you might want to help raise money for a new portable solar-powered beer cooler that will keep your drink icy cold, just as you like it.

US man tries to trade alligator for beer

A man who bizarrely tried to trade a live, four-foot alligator for a pack of beer at a convenience store in Miami has been cited for illegally attempting to sell the reptile by wildlife officials.

Drinking beer may make you live longer while coffee shorter

Researchers have claimed that caffeine shortens and alcohol lengthens telomeres - the end points of chromosomal DNA, implicated in aging and cancer.

Beer can help build `green` bricks

Fancy a house made of beer bricks? A by-product of the process of brewing beer could give red clay bricks an eco-friendly makeover.

Nigeria sharia police smash 240,000 bottles of beer

Police enforcing Islamic law in Nigeria`s city of Kano publicly destroyed some 240,000 bottles of beer today, the latest move in a wider crackdown on behaviour deemed "immoral" in the area.

Science behind foaming beer bottle explained

Scientists have explained why tapping a newly-opened beer bottle quickly turns booze into foam.

Images of deities on beer bottles in US irk Hindus

Hindus are upset over having images of their deities Ganesh and Lakshmi pasted on beer bottles by an Australian brewery, calling it highly inappropriate.

Beer, music, food: Oktoberfest back in Goa

With three days of music, fun and food on the sunny beaches of Goa, the Oktoberfest is back in India with its third edition. The three-day musical extravaganzas will kick start Oct 25 at the Baga Grounds here.

Beer, music, food: Oktoberfest back in Goa

With three days of music, fun and food on the sunny beaches of Goa, the Oktoberfest is back in India with its third edition. The three-day musical extravaganza will kickstart Oct 25 at the Baga Grounds here.

Indian, Chinese troops exchange beer, rasgullas after face-off

Indian and Chinese troops had a face-off in Sikkim earlier this week which, however, ended in a friendly exchange of beer and rasgullas.