Bhopal gas tragedy: Need to balance environment and development, says MP CM

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, on the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal gas tragedy, called for establishing a balance between the environment and development to avoid another such tragedy.

Bhopal gas tragedy: No accurate data on deaths 30 years on, alleges NGO
Bhopal gas tragedy: No accurate data on deaths 30 years on, alleges NGO

An NGO working for the Bhopal gas tragedy victims has alleged that there are no accurate figures available on the death toll of the world's worst industrial disaster even after 30 years and has also raised concern over the toxic waste lying in defunct Union Carbide plant situated near the densely populated old Bhopal area.

Bhopal demands justice 30 years after deadliest industrial disaster

Hundreds of people marched through Bhopal late Tuesday, waving flaming torches to commemorate the thousands who perished in the world's deadliest industrial disaster and demanding justice for survivors who continue to suffer three decades on.

Thirty years on, Bhopal film highlights tragedy of world's worst industrial disaster

Thirty years on from the Bhopal disaster, an international film opens on Friday dramatising the story of how an American pesticide factory in India accidentally released cyanide gas into the atmosphere, killing thousands of people and leaving many more sick or disabled.

'Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain' relevant today: Tannishtha

 Actress Tannishtha Chatterjee says her upcoming film on Bhopal gas tragedy holds importance in today's times even though the incident happened 30 years ago as it reminds people to be more socially responsible.

Revolver Entertainment acquires North American rights to 'Bhopal' disaster drama film


Washington: Revolver Entertainment has recently obtained the rights to Martin Sheen starrer ' Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain ' disaster drama, it has been reported.

29th anniversary of Bhopal Gas tragedy observed

Bhopal was observing the 29th anniversary of the 1984 gas tragedy on Tuesday.

`London Olympics cannot police activities of Dow`

The Indian subsidiary of Union Carbide Corporation was guilty for the world’s worst ever industrial disaster in Bhopal in 1984.

We`ve lodged protest, will decide further action on Dow: Maken

The government said it has already lodged protest against Dow Chemicals being a sponsor of the London Olympics and will decide its next course of action later on.

IOA calls meeting to discuss Dow Olympic sponsorship row

The IOA has convened a meeting on Friday to discuss the issue following IOC chief Jacques Rogge`s suggestion that they should enter into a dialogue with the athletes.

Greenpeace wants govt to review N-liability bill

Greenpeace says the bill allows foreign corporations to get away by paying a meagre compensation.