Revolver Entertainment acquires North American rights to 'Bhopal' disaster drama film


Washington: Revolver Entertainment has recently obtained the rights to Martin Sheen starrer ' Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain ' disaster drama, it has been reported.

29th anniversary of Bhopal Gas tragedy observed

Bhopal was observing the 29th anniversary of the 1984 gas tragedy on Tuesday.

`London Olympics cannot police activities of Dow`

The Indian subsidiary of Union Carbide Corporation was guilty for the world’s worst ever industrial disaster in Bhopal in 1984.

We`ve lodged protest, will decide further action on Dow: Maken

The government said it has already lodged protest against Dow Chemicals being a sponsor of the London Olympics and will decide its next course of action later on.

IOA calls meeting to discuss Dow Olympic sponsorship row

The IOA has convened a meeting on Friday to discuss the issue following IOC chief Jacques Rogge`s suggestion that they should enter into a dialogue with the athletes.

Greenpeace wants govt to review N-liability bill

Greenpeace says the bill allows foreign corporations to get away by paying a meagre compensation.