MJ’s musical legacy to fetch billion dollars posthumously

It has emerged that Michael Jackson’s musical estate, emerging as a ‘true legacy’, can fetch billion dollars in next several decades.

Universe to end in 5 billion years

Scientists predict that the universe would come to an end-in just five billion years.

Wildfires cost Russia some $15 billion: Report

A newspaper says the hundreds of wildfires that has swept western Russia has caused billions of dollars in damage.

Air India losses more than $1bn

Burdened by high fuel and labour
costs, cash-strapped Air India suffered a net loss of Rs 5,548
crore in 2008-09, as its total revenue declined by around Rs
2,000 crore compared to the previous fiscal.

One billion to go hungry world over: UN

The UN agency has warned that nearly one billion people will be severely affected by food shortage.