Bin Laden associates show no remorse in statements

In public statements a week apart, al-Qaida`s self-professed September 11 mastermind and a Kuwaiti imam who met with Osama bin Laden in a cave soon after the attacks once again demonstrated that time hasn`t softened their anti-American views.

Makers of Bin Laden-film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ say movie is not ‘pro-torture’

The Oscar-winning team behind a film about the decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, have refuted suggestions that the film is ‘pro-torture’.

First trailer of Bin Laden manhunt film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ debuts

The first trailer of an highly-anticipated film `Zero Dark Thirty’ has been unveiled.

Bin Laden to build world`s tallest tower in Saudi

Saudi construction company Bin Laden group will build the world``s tallest tower for 1.2 billion dollars north of Jeddah.

Pakistan to let bin Laden widow return to Yemen

Officials in Pakistan say the
country has agreed to let Osama bin Laden`s youngest widow
return to her native Yemen. But they would not reveal when
she`ll leave.

Linchpin in hunt for bin Laden back with al Qaeda

US intelligence agency returned al Qaeda operative Hassan Ghul in 2006 to his native Pakistan, which had been demanding his release since his capture about two years earlier.

Bin Laden death `increases fire of war:` Qaeda

The leader of Al-Qaeda`s branch in
North Africa Thursday warned that the US killing of Osama bin
Laden will only increase the desire to take revenge on the
West, the SITE monitoring group reported.

Hopes for bumper tourist season in bin Laden town

Abbottabad is listed on Pak`s tourism website as a "popular summer resort".

America shows off warship that buried bin Laden

US Special Forces have been training Filipino soldiers since 2003.

Now, kill Bin Laden using a new video game!

Gamers will now be able to virtually pull the trigger on the 9/11 mastermind.

Pakistan had to know bin Laden there: Afghanistan

The Afghan govt said Wednesday that Pakistan must have known Osama bin Laden was living in a military garrison town near the capital.

Osama bin Laden hailed as martyr at Khartoum rally

Around 1,000 Sudanese Muslims
gathered Wednesday at a square in Khartoum, where Osama Bin Laden lived in the 1990s, hailing Al-Qaeda`s slain leader as a "martyr" and shouting anti-US slogans.

Bin Laden`s neighbors noticed unusual things

The terror chief and his family kept well hidden behind thick walls in this northwestern hill town they shared with thousands of Pakistani soldiers.

Bin Laden to join Hitler, Saddam on Time cover

Time said it was publishing a
special issue of the magazine with a red "X" over Osama bin Laden`s face, something it did previously with Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

Dawood, Bin Laden in Forbes` list of most powerful people

D-Company kingpin Dawood Ibrahim
Kaskar and the elusive al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden are
among the 3 most wanted criminals who have made it to
Forbes` list of 68 people "who matters" in the world.

Libya releases Islamists including bin Laden driver

Libya has released 37 Islamists, including a former driver of Osama bin Laden and members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

US commanders getting close to attacking Laden?

Buoyed by unmanned drones having taken out some top notch al Qaeda commanders, including group`s no. 3, US commanders believe "they may be getting close to the top two".

Osama not in Pak, may be dead: Gilani

Contrary to US intelligence assessment, Pak PM has claimed that Osama is not in his country and said no distinction could be made between a good and a bad Taliban.

Bin Laden family pleads for refuge

Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden`s son issued a plea today for some country to accept members of his family seeking to leave Iran, where they have been held under house arrest since 2001.

Bin Laden`s daughter released from Iran, in Syria

A teenage daughter of Osama bin Laden has been released from Iran after living under house arrest there since her family fled Afghanistan in 2001, her brother says.