New catalyst could improve biofuels production

Researchers have developed a new catalyst that could lead to inexpensive and more efficient biofuels.

Algae biofuel can help meet world energy needs

Microalgae-based biofuel has the potential to quench a sizable chunk of the world`s energy demands, scientists say.

Algae a viable source to produce cheaper biofuel

At a time when scientists the world over are experimenting with making cheaper alternative energies for our future, a team of scientists has invented a new technology that increases the odds of helping algae-based biofuels cross the gap and come closer to reality.

Coming, cheap second-generation biofuel for cars

A path-breaking technique to produce cheap second-generation biofuel from dead plant tissue is here which may finally help against rising fuel prices.

Scientists find way to reduce biofuel production costs

US researchers have made a ground-breaking discovery in , researchers have crossed one of the largest barriers to produce cost-effective biofuels.

US start-up uses jatropha plant seeds for biofuel

A US company is eyeing countries such as India and Brazil to grow seeds of jatropha - the inedible, drought-resistant plant - to produce high-quality oil that can be refined into low-carbon jet fuel or diesel.

Climate friendly fuel cells for hydrogen cars come closer to reality

Researchers have shown how to build fuel cells for hydrogen cars, which produce as much electricity as current models, but require less of the rare and valuable metal platinum.

Now, GM fungi to produce cheaper biofuel

Researchers are manufacturing genetically modified fungi to produce significantly cheaper bio-fuel.

New technique discovered to make fuel from CO2 in air

Researchers have found a way to transform the carbon dioxide (CO2) trapped in the atmosphere into useful industrial products.

`Benefits of biofuel use on environment overestimated`

Calculations of GHGs emissions from bioenergy production are neglecting crucial information that has led to the overestimation of the benefits of biofuels.

Airplane rivals launch joint biofuel project

Plane makers and bitter rivals Airbus of Europe, Boeing of the US and Embraer of Brazil have announced a joint plan to develop affordable biofuels for the airplane industry.

Finnish firm to build world`s first bio-refinery

The demand for biofuels is expected to grow by approximately seven percent a year in the European Union.

Soon, biofuel made from whiskey to power cars

A start-up firm in Scotland will soon be manufacturing biofuel made from whisky by-products, which could be used as a direct alternative for fossil-derived fuel.

Fermented Xmas cards can sponsor a moon trip

A new study has found that if all of UK’s discarded Christmas cards were collected and fermented, they could make a moon trip 20 times.

E.Coli may hold key to turning plants into biofuel

Common stomach bug E.coli may hold the key to turning plants into biodiesel, which is hailed as a possible solution to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Chinese plane flies on biofuel

Air China Friday conducted the first trial flight of a passenger plane powered by a mix of biofuel and traditional aviation fuel.

Biofuels will worsen CO2 emissions: Study

Emphasis on biofuels as an alternative to conventional fuels would increase carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from forests by 14 percent, researchers said.

Seaweed can be an unlimited source of biofuel

Seaweeds are capable of producing more biomass per square metre than fast growing terrestrial plants such as sugar cane.

E.coli seen spawning biofuel in five years

A similar technology is using E.coli bacteria to make plastics.

Brazil runs world`s longest bus on biofuel

The 28-metre-long bus has been put into service in Brazil using biofuel.