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New 'nano-reactor' to produce hydrogen biofuel

Scientists have created a cheap and highly efficient biomaterial that catalyses the formation of hydrogen, an advance that may lead to new environmentally friendly ways of producing biofuel.

Boeing aircraft makes first 'green diesel' powered flight

The company powered its ecoDemonstrator 787 flight test airplane on December 2 with a blend of 15 percent green diesel and 85 percent petroleum jet fuel in the left engine.

'2nd gen biofuels can meet half of India's gasoline demands'

India can meet nearly half of its gasoline demands by producing second-generation biofuels from its huge agricultural residue, according to a top official of a global bio-tech organisation.

Soon, biofuel made from whiskey to power cars

A start-up firm in Scotland will soon be manufacturing biofuel made from whisky by-products, which could be used as a direct alternative for fossil-derived fuel.

E.coli seen spawning biofuel in five years

A similar technology is using E.coli bacteria to make plastics.

Mexico flies first plane with bio-fuel

Mexico has carried out the country`s first flight using fuel made from plants in an Airbus A320 plane.

Pressure-cooking algae into a better biofuel

Heating and squishing microalgae in a pressure-cooker can fast-forward the crude-oil-making process from millennia to minutes, a study has revealed.