For taking toll on vulture numbers, govt bans cattle drug vial

Alarmed by the "steep" decline in the vulture population in India and to protect the bird from "extinction", the government has banned the multidose vial of anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac, which is used for cattle.

'Near-extinct species should be bred in wild'

Critically-endangered species should be encouraged to breed in the wild rather than in captivity, suggests a new research by the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Watch: Fearless crane takes on two tigers at China zoo!
Watch: Fearless crane takes on two tigers at China zoo!

In a dramatic 'bird versus tiger' brawl, a red-crowned crane was seen fearlessly fighting off against two attacking tigers at a zoo in China.

New Zealand launches scheme to save Kiwi national bird

The New Zealand government has launched a programme to save the country's national bird, the Kiwi, from becoming extinct, Conservation Minister Maggie Barry said on Thursday.

World's most polluted bird discovered in Canada

Scientists have discovered the world's most polluted bird in Canada - a Cooper's hawk whose liver is so full of flame retardant chemicals that it has been dubbed 'flameproof'.

Tasmania's swift parrot can go extinct in 16 years

 The iconic Tasmanian swift parrot can soon follow the dodo as researchers have found that the bird is facing population collapse and could become extinct within 16 years.

Australia migratory bird levels plunge from Asia development
Australia migratory bird levels plunge from Asia development

Coastal developments in northeast Asia are threatening the survival of Australian migratory shorebirds, a study has found, with some species experiencing population declines of up to 75 percent over the last two decades.

Poacher arrested from Kalupada
Poacher arrested from Kalupada

Wildlife officials have arrested a bird poacher from Kalupada under Tangi wildlife range in Chilika lake and seized 22 dead birds from him along with a country boat.

Birds evolved rapidly after dinosaurs went extinct
Birds evolved rapidly after dinosaurs went extinct

The most ambitious genetic study ever, involving over 200 scientists from across the world and 23 research papers, undertaken on bird evolution has found that almost all modern birds diversified after the dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago.

Forest Owlet sighted in Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary
Forest Owlet sighted in Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

The critically endangered Forest Owlet, which was till now considered to be endemic to the Satpuda mountain ranges in central India, has now been spotted in Western Ghats by naturalists associated with the BNHS here.

Why dinos had feathers long before early birds first attempted flight
Why dinos had feathers long before early birds first attempted flight

A new study provides deeper insight into why dinosaurs had cloak of feathers long before early bird species Archaeopteryx first attempted flight.

Peacock suffering from arthritis rescued

A peacock, suffering from arthritis and neuro problems due to unusual cold conditions, has been rescued and admitted to a veterinary clinic for treatment near here by Forest Department officials, officials said.

Bird DNA could help bring Jurassic Park back to life

Scientists have claimed that identifying and altering certain genes found in modern birds` DNA would mean that genomes of the dinosaurs could be engineered 20 million years after they became extinct.

Bird study sheds light on human speech-language development

A new study has shown for the first time how two tiny molecules regulate a gene implicated in speech and language impairments as well as autism disorders.

New bird species discovered in Peru

A new small, black-coloured bird species, with an unusual voice, has been discovered in the remote Andes Mountains of central Peru.

Famed fossil `Archaeopteryx` put back into bird category

An international team of scientists believes archaeopteryx, a raven-sized creature that lived about 150 million years ago, should indeed be considered a bird.

Oz pace attack select Cook as main `target` in Ashes

Australian bowlers have reportedly selected England captain Alastair Cook as their main target in the back-to-back Ashes series, as they believe that the loss of England`s top batsman can see the their batting order stumble.

Bird hit Emirates flight lands under emergency conditions

A Kolkata-Dubai Emirates flight with 296 passengers on board suffered a bird hit and returned shortly after take-off from NSC Bose International Airport, where it landed safely under emergency conditions.

Paceman Bird called into Oz squad for SCG ODI

Fast bowler Jackson Bird has been called into the Australian one-day squad for the fourth match against Sri Lanka at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Birds sing at higher pitch in noisy cities

Birds sing at a higher pitch to differentiate it from the low-frequency sound of traffic to make themselves better heard in the city noise by increasing the volume of their song that by raising its frequency.