Peacock suffering from arthritis rescued

A peacock, suffering from arthritis and neuro problems due to unusual cold conditions, has been rescued and admitted to a veterinary clinic for treatment near here by Forest Department officials, officials said.

Bird DNA could help bring Jurassic Park back to life

Scientists have claimed that identifying and altering certain genes found in modern birds` DNA would mean that genomes of the dinosaurs could be engineered 20 million years after they became extinct.

Bird study sheds light on human speech-language development

A new study has shown for the first time how two tiny molecules regulate a gene implicated in speech and language impairments as well as autism disorders.

New bird species discovered in Peru

A new small, black-coloured bird species, with an unusual voice, has been discovered in the remote Andes Mountains of central Peru.

Famed fossil `Archaeopteryx` put back into bird category

An international team of scientists believes archaeopteryx, a raven-sized creature that lived about 150 million years ago, should indeed be considered a bird.

Oz pace attack select Cook as main `target` in Ashes

Australian bowlers have reportedly selected England captain Alastair Cook as their main target in the back-to-back Ashes series, as they believe that the loss of England`s top batsman can see the their batting order stumble.

Bird hit Emirates flight lands under emergency conditions

A Kolkata-Dubai Emirates flight with 296 passengers on board suffered a bird hit and returned shortly after take-off from NSC Bose International Airport, where it landed safely under emergency conditions.

Paceman Bird called into Oz squad for SCG ODI

Fast bowler Jackson Bird has been called into the Australian one-day squad for the fourth match against Sri Lanka at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Birds sing at higher pitch in noisy cities

Birds sing at a higher pitch to differentiate it from the low-frequency sound of traffic to make themselves better heard in the city noise by increasing the volume of their song that by raising its frequency.

Psy wants to continue being `funny guy with funny dance in funny video`

PSY, the `Gangnam Style` singer, amazingly remains down to earth about the whirlwind ride that his ‘Gangnam Style’ horse dance has taken him on.

Clever cockatoo makes own tools to reach food

A cockatoo from a species not known to use tools in the wild has been observed spontaneously making and using tools in order to reach and rake in food and other objects out of its reach.

World’s first family tree for all living birds unveiled

British scientists have created the world’s first family tree linking all living birds, revealing when and where they evolved and diversified since dinosaurs walked the earth.

Birds `smell` out compatible partners

Birds may choose their mate with the help of smell, new evidence has shown.

30 peacocks die in Greater Noida

As many as 30 peacocks have died here in the last 15 days due to unknown reasons, say villagers and veterinarians.

`Cuckoos use multiple disguise to fool other birds`

Cuckoo birds use multiple disguise to lay their eggs in other birds` nests, to avoid raising their own chicks.

Birds smarter than seven year old kids: Study

No matter how bright you think your child is, until the age of seven, children are no brainier than the birds.

Closely related birds have distinct songs and colour patterns

Canadian Researchers have found that closely related birds that share the same habitat tend to look and sound different.

12 bird species categorised as threatened in Goa

Twelve species of birds in Western Ghat`s region of Goa have been categorised as threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Vulture population rising in Cambodia

Vultures, which are critically endangered across Asia, are increasing in numbers in Cambodia.

`Peafowl in Hasanpur died of hunger and thirst`

The peafowl that died in Hasanpur village, near here, early this week succumbed to hunger and thirst, the post-mortem examinations of the birds revealed Wednesday.