East Delhi citizens to get free first copy of birth, death certificates

Citizens living in east Delhi will now be able to get the first free copy of death and birth certificates delivered at their doorstep thanks to a new scheme launched by the EDMC today.

Hospitals to give first free copy of birth, death certificates

Soon you can get the first free copy of Birth and Death certificate from the hospitals itself, as the Delhi government on Friday launched the facility at the Lok Nayak Hospital.

SDMC mulls delivering birth, death certificates at doorsteps

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation is mulling delivering free birth and death certificates at people`s doorsteps.

Obama pokes fun at those questioning his birth certificate

While campaigning in Florida, Obama made an unscheduled stop at a bar where he met a boy born in Hawaii - where the President was born.

Birther controversy: ‘Obama might not make ballot`

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett said during a radio interview that he is “not playing to the birthers”.

Cannon furious after twin`s birth certificate leaked online

Actor Nick Cannon is fuming after learning that the birth certificate of his newborn twins was leaked online.

Obama had no choice in `birther` fight: Report

White House has produced a copy of Barack Obama`s Hawaii birth certificate.

Obama releases his long form birth certificate

The White House released the Prez`s birth certificate proving he was really born in the US.

Charlie Sheen doubts validity of Obama`s birth certificate

Charlie Sheen, who recently lost the custody battle for his twin sons, has questioned the validity of US President Barack Obama`s birth certificate, implying that it had been ‘Photoshopped’.

J&K govt detects another case of DoB fudging by IPS officer

In yet another fudging of Date of
Birth case by IPS officers in Jammu and Kashmir, the state
government has detected that an officer of the rank of DIG had
submitted fake birth certificate to extend his service.

Hawaii to sell Obama`s birth certificate for $100

"Birthers" claim there is no proof Barack Obama was born in United States.

Row over Obama`s `Kenyan birth certificate`

As Obama attempts to cool a heated racial row in the US linked to the arrest of a black Harvard professor, a growing conspiracy claims that he is hiding a Kenyan birth certificate, making him ineligible to serve as president.