Unique brain mechanism helps learning hand gestures even for blind
Unique brain mechanism helps learning hand gestures even for blind

A new study has suggested that a unique mechanism work in the brain helps in understanding and learning hand gestures even for blind people.

Robotic walking stick for visually impaired

In a first, engineers have designed a robotic walking stick for the visually impaired that can detect the user`s immediate path and store localised geographical information.

Blind students` caning: NHRC sends notice to Andhra Pradesh govt

The director and principal of a school for blind in Andhra Pradesh will be produced before a court, a day after they were arrested for beating up their students.

Below 1% quota for visually impaired; Centre told to respond

The Delhi HC issued notices to Centre on a PIL seeking quashing of an examination notice of UPSC for the upcoming Civil Services Examination on the ground of non-compliance of one per cent quota for visually impaired applicants.

Man goes blind after using herbal eye drops

A Thai man whose sight was affected due to an accident has lost his vision after using herbal medicine.

Korean War pilot who landed blind dies at 83

Kenneth Schechter, a Korean War pilot who landed his plane while blinded from a wound, has died. He was 83.

Popping `cholesterol busting` statins can actually make you go blind

A new study suggests that statins, which are taken by millions of Britons every day to slash cholesterol, could actually trigger sight loss.

How ears can be turned into eyes for the blind

Researchers at the University of Bath have developed a device that can help blind people use sounds to build an image in their minds of the things happening around them.

Johnny Depp opens up about vision problem

Johnny Depp, who often sports tinted glasses, has revealed he has been "basically blind as a bat" in his left eye.

Deepak Dobriyal relives his nightmare of nearly going blind

While shooting for Annirudh Chautala’s film in Rajasthan, Deepak Dobriyal had the retina, cornea and lens of his left eye pierced in a freak accident. Two months later, he is on the way to recovery and says the ruptured eye and the disrupted career are both back on the road to recovery.

Visually-impaired man gets ATM card after six months of wait

A visually impaired person was finally issued ATM card after six months of wait as Reserve Bank of India intervened into his case and directed local branch of state bank to provide him with cash card.

Soon, jab of light-sensing cells to restore vision

Patients with retinitis pigmentosa gradually lose light-sensing cells from the retina and can become blind.

Now, sound device that acts as alternative vision for blind

Sensory substitution devices use sound or touch to help the visually impaired perceive the visual scene surrounding them.

400,000 blind people live in Afghanistan

The health ministry said some 25,000 Afghans lose sight of at least one of their eyes annually.

Artificial retina to restore vision in blind

Scientists claim to have developed an `artificial retina` which could restore near-normal vision to the blind.

Revolutionary new eye implant could restore sight in blind

Scientists have developed a tiny device designed to restore sight to the blind instantly - without bulky glasses or computer equipment.

21 mn people are disabled in India: Minister

Over 21 mn people in India are disabled out of which 10 million are blind.

21 mn people are disabled in India: Minister

Over 21 mn people in India are disabled out of which 10 million are blind.

Gene therapy to correct common form of blindness developed

A new gene therapy method that has the potential to treat a common form of blindness developed.

Study: Stem cells may aid vision in blind people

The new results come from the first tests in humans for a vision problem.