‘Blood diamonds’ fund Mugabe’s election terror campaign

Mugabe and his allies siphon off millions from Zimbabwean diamonds, and use it to fund violent election campaign.

Israeli trader barred as `blood diamonds` suspect

David Vardi allegedly tried to smuggle diamonds from Zimbabwe into Israel.

Mandela charity trustee who hid Campbell’s ‘blood diamonds’ quits

The former head of the Nelson Mandela Children`s Fund (NMCF), Jeremy Ractliffe, has resigned from the charity`s board after admitting he secretly kept ‘blood diamonds’ received from supermodel Naomi Campbell 13 years ago.

Only 3pc of Brits believe Naomi Campbell’s ‘blood diamonds’ story

A new poll has revealed that only three per cent of British people believe that Naomi Campbell told the truth at the "blood diamonds" war crimes trial.

I have nothing to gain from lying about ‘blood diamonds’: Naomi

During her evidence to the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor, Naomi Campbell insisted that she has "nothing to gain" from lying.

South African authorities seize Naomi Campbell ‘blood diamonds’

South African authorities say they are now in possession of supermodel Naomi Campbell’s so-called ‘blood diamonds’.

Naomi Campbell gave `blood diamonds` to Mandela charity

British supermodel Naomi Campbell, while testifying at the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, said that that she gave alleged ‘blood diamonds’ to the head of Nelson Mandela`s children`s charity.

Campbell tells judges: I was given `dirty` stones

Naomi Campbell testified before the war crimes tribunal, confirming that she had received some "dirty-looking stones" after a dinner with former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor but stopping short of saying they were diamonds or that she was given the gift by Taylor himself. Campbell was being questioned in Taylor`s war crimes trial about claims made by Mia Farrow that Taylor gave the model an uncut diamond.

Charles Taylor lawyers oppose Campbell testimony

The prosecutors claim Taylor gifted "blood diamonds" to Campbell in 1997.