10 thalassemic children in Pakistan get HIV due to transfusion

At least 10 Pakistani children suffering from thalassemia have tested positive for the HIV virus after allegedly receiving a transfusion of infected blood.

'Newly' donated blood better for heart surgery

Heart surgery patients receiving newly donated blood have significantly fewer post-operative complications than those who received blood donated more than two weeks before their surgery, found a research.

Ebola outbreak: WHO endorses usage of survivors blood to treat patients

New Delhi: World Health Organisation (WHO) on Saturday endorsed the usage of blood of survivors to treat those suffering from the deadly epidemic Ebola.

New method could reduce harmful effects from blood transfusions

Researchers have developed a new approach to restore nitric oxide (NO) to donated blood, which may help dramatically reduce harmful effects from transfusions.

`Indians think blood transfusion could alter their personality`

Indian recipients prefer to get an organ transplant or blood transfusion from a donor whose personality or behaviour matches theirs, a new study has found.

Assam blood bank accused of spreading HIV

A government-run blood bank in Assam was Friday accused of spreading the deadly HIV virus among recipients who got infected after a blood transfusion there.

Re-build society with safe blood transfusion: AK Walia

Delhi Health Minister AK Walia Friday said every blood donor is a hero, and urged volunteers to re-build the society with safe blood transfusion.

About to get married? Go and get yourself tested for Thalassemia!

When most of the children in the age –group six –ten years are busy playing and enjoying their childhood to the fullest; Amit Shankar (name changed) is lying on a hospital bed being administered blood transfusion for thalassemia. This is a common routine for the six year old for he has to visit a blood transfusion clinic every three –eight weeks to maintain his haemoglobin level.

Blood stored for more than 3 weeks may be harmful to patients` health

A new study of hospital patients has found that transfusion of donated blood more than three weeks old results in impaired blood vessel function.

A dose of young blood may stave off Alzheimer`s: Study

Filtering younger blood into an older body could combat memory problems.

Lockerbie bomber health deteriorating, says family

Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi was taken from his home in Tripoli to the intensive care unit of a private hospital.

Three booked for wrong blood transfusion in Chandi

Nearly five-and-a-half months after a magisterial probe indicted three people, including two doctors, for wrong blood transfusion to a pregnant woman here, a case has finally been registered against them.

Old blood or new? New technique can tell

Transfused blood which is older than 14 days produce serious side effects.

Old blood or new? New technique can tell

Transfused blood which is older than 14 days produce serious side effects.