Olive oil could reverse heart failure immediately: Scientists

Scientists have claimed that Olive oil could help reverse a patient's heart failure immediately.

Urinary marker for diabetes identified

In what could lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of type 2 diabetes, researchers have identified a urinary marker that can lead to easy detection of diabetes.

Dieting young may lead to poor health outcomes later

The younger a woman is when she goes on her first diet, the more likely she is to experience several negative health outcomes later in life, a new study has warned.

Kids on Mediterranean diet 15pc less likely to be obese

A new study has shown that children consuming a diet more in line with the rules of the Mediterranean one are 15 percent less likely to be overweight or obese than those children who do not.

Amazing health benefits of Watermelon

In this hot summer season, there is nothing better than juicy and thirst quenching red slices of watermelon. It is not only delicious but also very nutritious.

Insufficient sleep ups obesity and overall body fat among kids

Researchers have found evidence that children who consistently received less than the recommended hours of sleep during infancy and early childhood had increases in both obesity and in adiposity or overall body fat at age 7.

Chrissy Teigen `doesn`t care about critics who call her fat`

Chrissy Teigen recently reverted back to the critics who called her fat saying that she "f***ing did not care what they thought".

Cellulite facts worth knowing

Cellulite, the fat beneath the skin that looks more like an orange peel, can plague women no end -- but not many are aware of the facts associated with the unwanted fat deposits.

Obese women who smoke gulp more sugary food

Are you obese and enjoy your puff too? You may end up eating more sugary food items, adding more kilos to body fat.

Now, jab that could help you pee your fat out

A new slimming product on the market has claimed that it can dissolve fat cells, allowing people, who are dieting, to pass them out of their bodies with their urine.

Aqualyx: Alternative to liposuction?

Aqualyx, a new treatment to help rid body fat, has come out -- Claiming to be an effective alternative to liposuction, the treatment involves injections that "break down cells that you then pass through urine".

Try food-workout combo to cut body fat

If you are on a mission to get rid of body flab, try out strength training and nutritious snacks.

Unsaturated fat prevents abdominal fat accumulation

Researchers from Uppsala University have shown that saturated fat builds more fat and less muscle than polyunsaturated fat.

Burn body fat with cardio, weight training

Fat burning is the key to losing weight, toning up and getting the figure you desire. A few basic exercises involving cardio and weight training work best for long term benefits.

Kids today run slower than their parents: Study

Kids worldwide run slower than their parents did, and a big reason why is because they are heavier, researchers said this week at a major US medical conference.

Women who get proper sleep have low body fat

A new study has found that women who go to sleep and woke up at same time every day had lower body fat.

Worm study could pave way for better fat-loss therapies for humans

A research led by an Indian origin scientist has revealed that two important neurotransmitters, serotonin and adrenaline, might help develop pharmacological solutions for people who want to burn fat faster.

Body fat tied to heart risks in normal-weight adults

New evidence suggests older adults with a healthy weight but high percentage of body fat are at increased risk of heart-related diseases and death.

Blame estrogen for older men`s flab and low libido

Researchers have claimed that low testosterone production may not be the main culprit in age-associated changes in men and that oestrogen could be at least partially responsible for some of these symptoms.

How much we shrink with age depends on our health habits

Your height is still in your hands even if you avoided veggies and milk as a child, a new study has revealed.