US warns citizens in Philippines on Manila bomb plot

Police had previously said they arrested Ricardo Ayeras, one of the founders of the Rajah Solaiman Movement, and two companions at a checkpoint in a northern Manila suburb on Sunday.

Foiled 2009 NY subway bomb plotter to serve life sentence at Colorado jail

A 34-year-old man in the US accused of planning a coordinated suicide bomb attack on New York City subways in 2009 will serve life imprisonment in Colorado.

US teenager accused of planning to bomb school

Acord was taken to a juvenile jail Thursday night after police received a tip that the youth was making a bomb to blow up West Albany High School.

Afghan defense ministry denies bomb plot

Reports of a cache of suicide vests found at the defense ministry on Tuesday illustrate the tense atmosphere in Kabul.

4 Britons admit plotting Mumbai-style attacks to bomb LSE

Four al Qaeda inspired Britons on Wednesday
pleaded guilty to plotting a Mumbai-style attack in London.

Suspect in collar bomb plot tracked through email

An Australian who allegedly
strapped a fake bomb to the neck of a Sydney schoolgirl in a
bizarre extortion attempt was tracked down here through his US
email account, authorities said.

Swiss court finds trio guilty in Swiss bomb plot

highest criminal court has found a trio of activists guilty of
plotting a bomb attack on a planned IBM nanotech research
facility near Zurich.

Imam convicted in JFK bomb plot

Ibrahim was convicted of conspiring to blow up fuel tanks at JFK Airport.

Osama bin Laden planned Manchester Easter bomb plot

British police had arrested a group of Pakistani students over the plot.

British Airways worker jailed for bomb plot

A British judge has sentenced a former British Airways computer specialist to 30 years in prison for plotting with US-born extremist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

British police charge 9 men over bomb plot

The men have been charged with conspiracy to cause explosions in Britain.

Man arrested in US recruitment center bomb plot

A man was arrested for plotting to blow up a military recruitment center, authorities said.

Pak foils terror plot to attack Parliament, 2 held

Police arrested two suicide bombers in Pakistan`s capital Friday who they said were planning to attack a mosque and a government building.

Britain, Germany tighten air security after bomb plot

Britain and Germany have tightened air security measures amid growing fears about the safety of cargo.

Jordanian man faces sentencing in Dallas bomb plot

A 20-year-old Jordanian man caught in
an FBI sting trying to blow up a Dallas skyscraper faces a
sentencing hearing today just blocks away from the building he
tried to take down.

Three arrested in Norway al Qaeda bomb plot: Officials

Three suspected al Qaeda members were planning attacks with powerful bombs.

Second person charged in G20 bomb plot

Leaders of world`s top economies are gathering in Toronto for G20 summit.

FBI `apologises` to Pak immigrant raided in bomb plot probe

A Pakistani immigrant, whose
house was raided in connection with the failed car bombing of
Times Square, claims to have received an apology from the FBI
after he threatened to sue the agency for racial profiling.

Al Qaeda continues to plot from Pakistan: US

Al Qaeda continues to plot from the tribal regions along the border with Pakistan.

Times Square bomb plot: Shahzad acted alone?

The Pak-American accused of failed Times Square car bombing is believed to have been working alone.