Three reasons why women are more prone to bone loss!

Although bone disease can affect both the sexes, women are at greater risk, particularly those over the age of 50.  

How early can osteoporosis strike?

Osteoporosis in younger people is rare, but can occur due to secondary factors such as malabsorption diseases, steroid use, anorexia and so on.

Not just women; men too get affected by bone diseases

Diseases among women are a common occurrence, but of late these problems, especially osteoporosis, are fast affecting men, mostly after they turn 60, experts say.

How much we shrink with age depends on our health habits

Your height is still in your hands even if you avoided veggies and milk as a child, a new study has revealed.

Health benefits of exercise for women

While physical activity is necessary for both men and women, there are gender-specific benefits that women need to be active, researchers say.