Bosnian Serb ex-police charged over Srebrenica genocide

Bosnian prosecutors on Friday indicted two former Bosnian Serb police officials of charges of helping perpetrate genocide in Srebrenica, where some 8,000 Muslim men were killed by Serb forces in 1995.

34 miners trapped after Bosnia quake

Thirty-four miners remained trapped inside a Bosnian coal mine today after an earthquake triggered a gas explosion and caved in two tunnels.

Bosnia buries 284 war victims unearthed from gruesome death pit

The remains of 284 victims of the Bosnian war were laid to rest on Sunday having been unearthed from what is believed to be the largest mass grave of Europe`s worst conflict since World War Two.

Bosnians bury kin found in wartime mass grave

Bosnian families today buried the remains of 283 Muslims and one Roman Catholic Croat who were killed at the start of the Bosnian war of 1992-95.

Bosnian mom buries 2 sons 19 years after massacre

After 19 years, Hajrija Selimovic will finally have a place to mourn her family on Friday.

Bosnia floods unearth war graves

The remains of 24 people, believed to be Muslims killed during Bosnia`s 1990s war, were exhumed from several graves unearthed by May`s devastating floods, an official said today.

USD 210 million needed now for Bosnia floods: UN

The United Nations estimates it will cost USD 210 million to cover immediate priority needs for the next six months in Bosnia, alone, after devastating floods hit the region, an official has said.

Flood damage to Serbia, Bosnia around 3 bln euros: EBRD

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) estimated Thursday that the damage from record floods in Serbia and Bosnia could cost some 3 billion euros ($4 billion).

Serbia, Bosnia hit by worst floods in 120 years

Balkan countries of Serbia and Bosnia have been battered by the worst floods in 120 years after the region in six days since May 14 received rainfall that it normally gets over three months,officials said.

Balkans brace for more misery amid historic floods

The Balkans braced for swollen rivers to reach new peaks on Monday, piling up misery after the worst floods in a century killed 45 people and sent tens of thousands fleeing for their lives.

Toll mounts as thousands in Serbia, Bosnia flee historic floods

Thousands of people crammed into boats and army trucks fled their homes in Serbia and Bosnia Sunday after record rainfall turned the Sava river into a deadly torrent and caused the worst floods in more than a century.

Record Balkan floods lead to Bosnia landslides

Landslides triggered by unprecedented rains in Bosnia have left hundreds of people homeless, officials said today, while thousands more have fled their homes in neighbouring Croatia and Serbia as Balkan countries battle the region`s worst flooding since modern records began.

Record Balkan floods claim at least 20 lives

Tens of thousands fled their homes on Saturday in Bosnia and Serbia, evacuated by boat or helicopter as rising waters surged into villages and towns. Authorities said the record flooding killed at least 20 people and the death toll could rise further.

Bosnian throws grenade into nightclub, wounds 26

Bosnian police say a man threw a hand grenade into a nightclub, wounding 26 people, six seriously, then called the police to complain that the bouncers had beaten him up afterward.

Large mass grave discovered in Bosnia

Bosnian forensic experts discovered a mass grave which might hide the remains of more than 100 Muslim civilians killed at the start of the country`s 1990s war, an official has said.

Bosnia unrest puts spotlight on broken peace accord

The mismanaged transition to capitalism in the town is replicated on a smaller scale in all the former republics of Yugoslavia, which splintered two decades ago.

Bosnia braces for fresh protests

Bosnia braced Saturday for fresh protests amid warnings the country could face a "tsunami" of popular anger over its dire economy after days of riots left several hundred people injured.

Bosnia police use tear gas against protesting workers, 130 injured

More than 130 people, most of them policemen, were injured when police used tear gas and clashed with Bosnian demonstrators angry over the dire economic situation in a country.

Is an early Picasso work in Bosnian town?

Library employees in the small Bosnian town of Kozarska Dubica, also known as Bosanksa Dubica, say that they have a little known work by Pablo Picasso in their library.

Bosnian police arrests 7 war crimes suspects

Authorities say police have detained seven former Bosnian Army soldiers who are suspected of having killed 20 Bosnian Serb civilians during the country`s 1992-95 war.