Woman falsely claiming compensation for Boston blasts arrested

A 26-year-old woman has been arrested here on charges of falsely claiming half a million dollars by posing as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Boston blasts proved bomb-making within everyone`s reach: Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda`s affiliate said that the Boston blasts have revealed America`s fragile security and proved that making bombs was within "everyone`s reach".

Boston bombing suspects` mother talked jihad

Russian authorities secretly wiretapped the mother of the Boston bombing suspects and recorded her discussing jihad in vague terms during a 2011 telephone conversation, CNN reported.

Boston bombing relief fund raises $20 mn

A relief fund for the Boston Marathon bombing victims has raised $20 million in just over a week, authorities announced.

US asks UN official`s resignation for comment on Boston blasts

The US has demanded the resignation of a senior UN human rights official for his alleged outrageous comment on Boston bombings, in which he placed the blame on the American policy in the Middle East.

Boston blasts: FBI looks at Pakistani terror group

The US FBI is looking at a Waziristan-based terror group`s link with the two brothers suspected of the deadly Boston bombings, a media report said.

US Muslim groups in dilemma over Boston suspect`s funeral

It was unclear what happened to Tamerlan`s body or whether he will have a Muslim funeral.

Boston bombers possibly `lone wolves`: Mayor

The two Chechen brothers suspected to be behind the twin bomb blasts in Boston were possibly `lone wolves` or terrorists who act alone without assistance from any group, the city`s mayor said today.

US website doubts North Korea over Boston bombing

WorldNetDaily (WND) is a controversial US website that carries news and commentary from a conservative viewpoint.

Afghan leader expresses grief over Boston blasts

Karzai in a statement denounced what he described as terrorist attacks in the "strongest possible terms".

PM condemns Boston blasts; writes to Obama

Strongly condemning the Boston bomb blasts, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday wrote to US President Barack Obama.